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$600.00 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Product issuing date:2015-06-30
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Manufacturer Shenzhen D-King Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

 Full Color Outdoor Mobile Led Screen Rental



Mobile led screen rental displays information and products on a mobile car or mobile truck by using such technologies as LED technology, anti-static technology, low-temperature technology, vehicle electronics technology and anti-jamming technique. It is different from the common LED display board installed in a fixed place because the mobile led display is installed onto a truck or car which is always moving, so that it has some requirement for the installation.


Installation Requirement of Mobile Led Screen Rental:

1. In a car’s moving process, static electricity will be easily produced, especially in autumn; the high static voltage can reach thousands of volts. Without good anti-static precautions, the IC and LED light will be easily damaged.

2. The power supply on the car comes from the storage battery, so that when the car starts, brakes and stops, there will be high impulse voltage. If the power system is bad in quality, the display screen will be burnt down.

3. The luminance of the LED panel has attenuating property, and there will be 10-70% attenuation rate in one year. The LED display board with bad quality will be reduced half in luminance, for this reason, the content displayed on the display screen will be unclear to be seen.

4. In the north, a car is usually placed outside. The temperature in winter can reach minus 40 degrees centigrade and in summer the temperature can reach 60 degrees centigrade, which require that the power supply and display screen parts and components can work in a wide temperature range.

5. Suitable luminance. If the LED display panel does not have sufficient luminance, the displayed content cannot be seen in the daytime, so that it will lose the meaning of installing the display sign. However, if the led display screen is too bright in luminance, the car driving will be influenced.

6. The car is always in the moving motion, which has high requirement for the stability and reliability of the electronics.