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$13.50 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Product issuing date:2015-11-02
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Manufacturer Shenzhen Mayful Technology Co., Ltd.

LED atmosphere mushroom lamp functions: *Vase base built-in RGB LED bulbs, making the colorful living light effect, relax your eyes, promoting your sleeping * Easy to turn on/off white light by patting the cap                 * Built-in rechargeable battery       * Eye-protection: uniform and soft light, anti-dazzle, relieve visual fatigue                       * Energy saving: low power consumption, low degradation, save up to 80% energy *Eco-friendly: mercury free, radiation free                        * Long lifespan: more than 30,000 hours                                                                           LED atmosphere mushroom lamp applications: Ideal as table lamp, desk lamp, study lamp, reading lamp, night light, etc.   Specifications: * Material: ABS                                              * Max power: 4.5W  *LED:20pcs SMD 2835 + 12pcs 5050RGB * Luminous flux: 90lm * Input Voltage:5V/1A * Color Temperature: cold light: 4000±300K                           * Battery capacity: 1800mAh                                      * CRI ≥70 * Accessories: DC 5V/1A adaptor                                   * Color available: white