Business Type
  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: Infrared LED chips, Arrays, Light Engines & Modules, Tail/rear/turn light, Billboards/ variable message signs


LED High Bay Light

LED Billboard Light

T9 LED Tube

LED Street Lgiht

LED Archtechural Lighting

LED Display

OPTOTECH was established in 1983, and its steady growth since then has enabled it to build up a wealth of experience in its field. For 28 years, always putting the customer first, OPTOTECH has developed a business centered on LED chip products to provide varied and versatile business solutions. Vertical integration of supply chains, customized services, and strategic alliances have been the key to OPTOTECH’s success in domestic and overseas markets.

A leader in LED industry

As a result of its many years of investment and persistence in research and development, OPTOTECH has become a leader in the LED industry. Many international LED patents have been granted to our research teams for their professionalism and innovation. OPTOTECH has built up a wealth of experience with results in chip production techniques and applied product design. These discoveries and developments are the result of OPTOTECH’s efforts in the photoelectric industry. As a leader in supporting global industry trends, OPTOTECH integrates proactive organization management and superior techniques to promote energy-saving innovative products.

At present, our product line includes LED chips, and systems products, LED displays, LED architectural & stage lighting, LED luminaries, LED automotive lighting, and sensor chips.

Looking towards the future, OPTOTECH will put its operations advantages to their best use. By proactively planning layout strategy, providing customers with effective service by a team of professionals, utilizing abundant talent resources and rich experience, constantly pursuing innovation, and tirelessly developing energy-saving LED products, OPTOTECH will realize its bright future in the spirit of perpetual operations.

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