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$59.50 United States
Product issuing date:2012-02-09
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Lighting EVER LED tube Send inquiry

Manufacturer Lighting EVER Package Type Others
Model No. lv1900005 Base Type G13
Dimension (LxWxHmm) 1200x25x25 Color white
Color Temp. (CCT-K) 5700 Luminous Flux (lm) 1600
Power Consumption (W) 17 Voltage (Vf)) 100-277

4 foot 17 Watt LED tube lights from Lighting EVER. This item can replace 45 Watt fluorescent tube. 3-year warranty. UL Approved. Color is daylight white.

Review by user:


I wish I'd found these sooner

I've always disliked the quality of light produced by fluorescent tubes and I got so fed up I thought that anything has to be better. I ordered these T8 LED tube lights to replace the flickering fluorescents I had and thought that I'd be saving on bills too. I was in for a surprise. I couldn't work out how the light looked so good and turned on instantly unlike my fluorescents. The light is much nicer and doesn't change the color of things like meat. No more annoying ballasts to keep changing. I'll never use fluorescent lights again, they're just the worst of old school in my eyes after these.