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UFO led grow light Send inquiry

Manufacturer Lighting EVER Package Type Recessed, surface and pendant-mounted downlights
Model No. lv4000002 Dimension (LxWxHmm) 119x270x270
Color multi-color Luminous Flux (lm) 2700
Power Consumption (W) 90w Voltage (Vf)) 110v
Certification UL, CE

This item is a 90 watt UFO LED grow light. Colors of LED are red, blue and orange. Ratio is 7:1:1. Wavelength of red color is 660nm. Wavelength of orange is 615nm. It can replace 400 Watt MH or HPS bulbs. It's a good choice for greenhouses, homes, gardens,farms and other places which need sufficient lights for plants.

Review by user :


Light works well for what's expected for a 90w system. One of the back 3 fans wasn't working when first arrived. Took about 5 min to get the fan working. Has worked very well for a month of non stop use.