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8W Dimmable MR16 LED LAMP

9W Dimmable MR16 LED LAMP

Dim.LED AR111 12W 32D

Dim.LED AR111 12W 24D

Dim.LED DownLight 30W

Dimmable 30W LED PAR38

Dim.LED AR111 12W 110D


Dim. 10W GU10 MR16 LED

Brightest Dim. 9W MR16

U-TEL TECHNOLOGY has dedicated on the development of LED lights since 1999.  U-TEL TECHNOLOGY has dedicated on the development of LED lights since 1999. Over the years, we lead the market with strong engineering innovation and market vision.
In 2009, U-TEL TECH. is the first company introducing 10W LED MR16 to replace the traditional 50W halogen MR16 spotlight.
Today, U-TEL LED lights are widely used around the world, in both commercial and residential application. U-TEL lights can be found in airports, museums, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, galleries, offices and homes.
In early 2013, a new range of products are introduced into the market including dimmable MR16 LED lights, down light and AR111, etc., offering customers a complete one-stop service. 
With outstanding product design competence, own patented circuit, excellent quality control and manufacturing capability, U-TEL is confident to fulfill customer's requirements and guarantee to provide full support in every aspect.  

LED lights will definitely be the future in lighting industry and we sincerely welcome you to join us for a better future.