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Dimming Hard LED Strip

IP68 LED Rigid Strip

Dimming LED Rigid Strip

IP54 Clean Room LED Light

Dimming LED 2G11

Clean Room LED Luminaires

Clean Room LED Luminaires

Clean Room LED Lighting

Dimming LED Down Light

Clean Room LED Luminaires

Shenzhen Skywood Smart Opto Co. Ltd., the 1st professional provider of Clean room specific LED luminaires and Intelligent Lighting control systems, has engaged in research and development of iGL (intelligent Green Lighting, “iGL” is a registered brand belongs to Skywood Group) products and solutions for years.  We focus efforts on specific LED luminaires, lighting control systems and engineering lighting solutions.

* Clean Room LED Luminaires, LED Panel Light, LED Bulb, LED Spotlight, LED Ceiling Light, LED Par Light, Hard LED Strip, LED 2G11

* Led commercial luminaries compliable with 3C/UL/CE and Energy Star standard
* Full series of LED luminaires for clean room specific, achieving CLASS10/100/1000/10000  standards
* Intelligent lighting control systems based on advanced technologies: 485 BUS, Infrared, Wi-Fi / 3G.
* Intelligent engineering lighting solutions based on Fiber technology and MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) infrastructure.

As the 1st provider of lighting control solutions based on Metropolitan Area Network, telecom domain, we have developed series of intelligent LED luminaires, control modules and interconnection connectors, installation fixtures etc to ease the on-site work.  We emphasize on our core competence of technology development and manufacturing, with more than 20 invention patents and 100 million USD deliveries annually.

Our excellence is from High-performing management team, advanced research and development works and top-class manufacturing infrastructure.  The R&D center locates in CBD of Shenzhen, China, while manufacturing base in Zhong Kai Hi-tech Zone, Huizhou of China, which covers an area of 20,000 ㎡.  Besides of continuous development of new technologies and products, we have introduced a systematic solution to manufacturing and supply chain to keep high quality of our products and services.  As a professional ISO9001-2000 certified manufacturer, we introduced LEAN and SIX-SIGMA to production and design, with final goal to meet customer’s requirements successfully.

Skywood spares no effort to push the development of LED lighting industry.  She is the core member of Shenzhen LED Industry Association, Shenzhen LED Standard Alliance, Shenzhen LED Industry Patent Pool and a maintain member of Shenzhen Governmental Qualified Supplier.  In addition, Skywood is one of the editors for new LED lighting standards in China, especially on application in clean rooms.