Business Type
  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: Epitaxial wafers, Infrared LED chips, UV LED chips, LED lead frame, Die bounding machine, Automotive module

30W HB COB LED (Al-Oxide)

1W HB Silicon LED

1W HB silicon LED

 Our Values

Optimize a buyer's sustainable competitive advantage for your business by supplying:
        High Quality
        Sufficient Quantity
        Reasonable Costs
        Great Flexibility
        Quick Delivery
        Excellent Customer Services
 With over 25 years of experiences in LED, semiconductor, Optical Fiber devices,
 pressure sensors, infrared thermal detectors, VCSEL and various process experience
 on our management team, we bring fast and quality services to fulfill your needs in
 short period of time.  

Products: LED Wafer, Chips, Lamp, SMD, Sapphire, VCSEL, IR/PD, LED Driver IC (GD1051), Solar cell, Solar Panel