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  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: Phosphor

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High CRI LED Packaging

LED phosphor

We are the International Trading Company of the Yuji Group (Beijing Yuji Science and Technology Co., Ltd). We represent the Yuji Group's products overseas. Established in 2005, we are headquartered in Beijing, China.



We work with solid-state lighting products and environmentally-friendly fine chemicals. We manufacture LED phosphors, packages, lights and chemicals such as next-generation refrigerants, catalysts and fertilizers. We are known for our Nitride series LED phosphors, high CRI LED lighting, and UL-listed LED lighting products.

We place a heavy emphasis on the R&D and design of our products, allowing us to be awarded with 15 patents, 12 of which are domestic and three international; nine more domestic patents are currently pending approval. We have many corporate partnerships both domestically and abroad, allowing us to further develop our business activities. In 2012, we solidified our partnership with Japan’s Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in order to continue to develop our LED phosphor product line