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LED Track Lamp

LED Tube T8


LED Bulb

LED Tracklight


LED Downlight


Tracklight JZ-DG525

Downlight PAR30

Jozem Lighting Factory is in Luo Sha Industrial Area, Foshan, Guangdong, China. is our official factory website, which I want some experts like you to check out. High Lumen (LED-PAR38-50w and AR111), elegant aluminium curves, terrific design of heat-sinks represent our LED Lights so special that it's hard to find out any high-brightness
like ours LED-PAR series. With 3-year guarantee and original OSRAM chip, our factory is aimed to deliver high-quality product into the international markets and making the best lights ever!

Energy-efficient,environment-friendly LED Lights are on and let's get into a brighter future by contacting me:
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