Business Type
  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: Billboards/ variable message signs

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P12.5 Indoor LED Mesh

p12 Rental LED display

P6.94 Rental LED display

P6 Rental LED display

p3 p12 Rental LED display

P8 P10 Rental LED display

P7.62 Rental LED displays

P5 P6 Rental LED displays

P3 P4 Rental LED displays

P2.5 Rental LED Display

Arise Technology Co., a high-tech company dedicated in providing professional LED displays and comprehensive optoelectronic solutions.

Arise’s main products includes indoor and outdoor LED displays for fix installation, indoor and outdoor LED displays for rental business, stadium perimeter LED displays, and other special LED displays in accordance with customized requirements; LED display control system, related optoelectronic equipment, LED devices and components. We are ready to providing LED display solutions for oversea and domestic advertisement media, building advertising and lighting, municipal administration, hospital, hotel, bank, traffic, sports, entertainment, show, exhibition, etc.