Toshiba Utilizes AlGaAs LEDs Technology in IC Photocouplers

Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC)  has introduced  its new  family of photocouplers, the TLP700A and TLP705A. They are housed in small packages (SDIP6),  half the size of conventional 8 pin DIP packages, and consist of an AlGaAs infrared LED, optically coupled to an integrated high-gain, high-speed photodetector IC chip. About  TLP700A Its TLP700A can directly drive a middle-capacity IGBT or power its MOSFETs. With a guaranteed transmission delay skew, ideal for designing dead time for inverter...
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Sumitomo Metal Mining Starts Mass Production of Large Sapphire Substrates

Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. has set up a production line for large sapphire substrates at its fully-owned subsidiary Okuchi Electronics Co., Ltd., and has started mass production. Sapphire substrates are used as a substrate for fabricating gallium nitride for use in white and blue LEDs. As the market for white LEDs expands from backlighting for large-size liquid crystal televisions to include general purpose lighting, demand from LED manufacturers for large sapphire substrates which offer an opportunity to improve productivity has also increased. Since the start o...
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7 Million LED Lights Make up Japan's Light Show

Japan’s winter light show has taken place at a botanical garden on the island of Nagashima in Kuwana since Nov. 3 and will be on display until March 31, 2013, dazzling visitors with its display of 7 million LED lights. The illuminated wonderland is considered the best lightshow in the country.   This year’s theme is “nature.” Displays feature breathtaking scenes inspired by Japan’s famed Mt. Fuji at sunrise, as well a rainbows across the sky and landscapes resembling an aurora. Previous shows have also featured many beloved Japanese cha...
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Japanese Company Utilizes Ink-jet Technology to Make Light Guide Plate for LED Backlight

Sumitomo Chemical Co Ltd showcased a light guide plate made with an ink-jet technology at FPD International 2012 from Oct 31 to Nov 2, 2012, in Yokohama, Japan. It is targeted at LCD panels using an LED backlight such as of TVs and monitors. The light guide plate was made by using an ink-jet technology to form a concave-convex pattern with an ultraviolet curable resin on the "Sumipex," Sumitomo Chemical's acrylic resin. The diameter of the pattern can be controlled between 30-70μm. Compared with light guide plates made by using an injection m...
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Sharp Releases 80-inch LED TV and Latest Refrigerators

Sharp have cooperated with Al Muftah Trading to release Qatar’s first commercially available 80 inch AQUOS LED TV, and Sharp’s latest Double French refrigerators. The two new products are part of the “From Bigger to Biggest” products line-up which reiterates Sharp’s position as the leader in LCD/LED TV category thanks to its 10th generation panel technology from a company in its 100th year. The full HD Japanese made panel, Sharp’s flagship 80 inch model LC-80LE940X provides more than twice the screen area of a...
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Nichia to Cooperate with Taiwan LED Maker

Despite Nichia planned to enter into LED markets in China and enlarge its market share there, it has been foiled by simmering anti-Japan sentiment in China due mainly to the Diaoyutai island issue, so is considering to cooperate with Taiwanese enterprises for further development. And two Taiwanese companies, including Hon Hai Group and Epistar, will be part of the joint venture. According to senior Nichia executives and based on positive outlook towards widespread use of LED lighting, the firm focused on the ample business potential in China, having invested at le...
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Japanese NGK Insulators Develops GaN Wafers to Double Green LED Luminous Efficiency

NGK Insulators, Ltd. of Japan has announced the development of high-quality GaN wafers to reduce defects and roughly double the luminous efficiency of green LEDs over previous models. NGK achieved this breakthrough by using a crystal growth technology that it has improved through a proprietary approach. The GaN wafers developed by NGK feature low defect density across the entire 2-inch diameter of the wafer surface and have a colorless transparency. NGK achieved this through proprietary improvements to liquid phase epitaxial technology for single crystal growth. ...
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SDK to Split off and Transfer GaN LED Business to TS Opto

Tokyo-based chemical manufacturer Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has announced to split off and transfer its GaN LED epitaxial wafer and chip production business to its subsidiary TS Opto Co Ltd (which was founded at the end of September at SDK’s plant in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture),at its latest board meeting. SDK’s GaN LED business had net sales of JPY5322m in 2011. While existing sales activities will not be transferred to TS Opto, SDK itself will stop selling GaN LEDs as of the 1 December date for the business’ transfer ...
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Toshiba Introduces Roadway and Industrial LED Luminaires with Enhanced Features

Recently, Toshiba International Corporation released two newly enhanced LED luminaires for use in roadway and industrial applications. Toshiba has taken a unique approach to its luminaire product design to optimize the LED’s longevity and reliability, which translates to greater energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs than conventional luminaires. The Toshiba TGT LED Luminaire for roadways includes innovative construction, on-board lighting controls and a unique electrical design. The end result is a luminaire for roadway applications that offers an LED...
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Rohm Showcased Planer LED Lighting Panel at CEATEC JAPAN 2012

Rohm Co Ltd has showcased a planer LED lighting panel featuring LED packages with a high color rendering index as high as 98 at CEATEC JAPAN 2012 held from Oct 2 to 6, 2012. High color rendering index According to the firm, the panel was made by arranging LED packages on a plane surface and covering them with a light diffusion plate. It emits light from the entire surface of the panel like an OLED lighting panel. By using its fluorescent material technologies, Rohm realized a general color rendering index (Ra) as high as 98 and prevented the sulfurati...
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Spark Street Light SPL-96 Is Installed in Aichi Prefecture, Japan

As one of the largest LED lighting manufacturers and exporters, Spark just made its another achievement on the installation of LED street light SPL-96 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan on 22nd Sept., 2012. This project is for a parking area of the retailer cooperative chain with around 410 chain-stores all over Japan. The end consumer is quite satisfied with performance of our street light after this demo project’s installation. The details are as the below picture in which the selective model is SPL-96, light pole is 6m height, boom angle is 15°,the tested avera...
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DESIGN LIGHTING TOKYO 2013 will be will be launched in January 2013

A new trade fair “DESIGN LIGHTING TOKYO 2013 – 1st TOKYO DESIGN LIGHTING EXPO & CONFERENCE” will be launched in January 2013, in response to the great demands from the industry.
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MyLED Opto Technology makes inroads into Japan LED market

MyLED Opto Technology Sdn Bhd (MyLED Opto), a subsidiary of Ho Wah Genting Bhd, sealed contracts with two Japanese-owned companies, Kirutorisu Tech Sdn Bhd and ATOTIS Co., Ltd. to supply light emitting diode (LED) lighting to vending machines in Japan.   These contracts will enable MyLED Opto, Malaysia’s LED and solid state lighting (SSL) manufacturer, to penetrate into the Japanese vending machine market.   According to the Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association (JVMA, May 2012), Japan has over five mil...
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Sumitomo Chemical Joins Holst Centre's Research Program for OLED

Sumitomo Chemical has taken part in Holst Centre's shared research program on Printed Organic Lighting and Signage, to develop multi-layer solution processes for high-efficiency OLEDs.   OLEDs are revolutionary large-area light sources that could cut lighting-related energy use by 50-90% and enable unique lighting applications. They are manufactured by depositing numerous thin layers of materials onto glass substrates or flexible plastic foils. Today's highest-efficiency OLEDs are made using evaporative processes in vacuum conditions. Switching to atmosp...
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Anti-Japan Sentiment in China Results in Taiwan’s LED Manufacturers’ Booming Revenues

Taiwan’s LED industry has benefited from simmering anti-Japan sentiment in China, due to nationalization of the Diaoyutai islet. Formosa Epitaxy Incorporation (FOREPI) and Epistar to see booming revenues in September, because many LED-related orders diverted from Japan to Taiwan. According to insiders, rising sales of color TVs in China drive demand for LED-backlit chips; while anti-Japan there has moved many Chinese LED TV factories and system providers to transfer chip orders from Nichia to Taiwan’s Epistar, FOREPI, Unity Opto ...
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Japanese Combines Dye-sensitized Solar Cells With LED Lamp

Lately, Nissha Printing Co Ltd has developed a lighting apparatus using dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) and started to sell it. It is the first time that a DSSC developed and manufactured in Japan has been commercialized. The lighting apparatus, "Akarie," stores electricity generated with the DSSCs during daylight hours in a rechargeable battery. And the electricity is used to power an LED lamp during nighttime hours. The Akarie is made by using DSSCs on the top of a case that measures 200 x 200 x 85mm and weighs 3.7kg and placing a rechargea...
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Toshiba Donates LED Lighting to Illuminate Buddhist Temple

On Sept. 12 , Toshiba Group has donated and installed LED lighting and a photovoltaic power system to illuminate the Golden Hall at Chuson-ji, a Buddhist temple and UNESCO World Heritage Site in Iwate Prefecture. The lighting will be switched on at a ceremony at the temple on Sept. 22. Lighting engineers from Toshiba Group companies designed and developed non-intrusive fixtures and lighting for the hall. Chuson-ji in Tohoku, and it is the most famous of five sites making up the Hiraizumi World Heritage Site, a complex of temples and gardens. The temple...
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Sharp Designs LED Dining Light

Lately, Sharp has announced four kinds of the "LED Dining Light" LED lighting apparatus, designed for dining rooms. The new lamp has a design like a plate floating in the air. There are two type of the lamp, the rectangular "Round Square" type and the circular "Circle" type. The Round Square type comes in two models: one is for four-seat tables, and the other is for six-seat tables. And the Circle type is available as a model on which leaves are seen when it is on in addition to a normal model. As in the case of the LED b...
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Green House to Release LED Lantern Powered Only by Water, Salt

Green House Co Ltd is to release an LED lantern"GH-LED10WBW," that generates electricity with water and salt in mid-September 2012.   The lantern emits light when water and salt are put in the lantern, so it  does not require a dry cell or rechargeable battery. It can continuously generate electricity for eight hours per charge of water. To use the LED lantern, 350ml of saline water containing 16g of salt is made by using a dedicated water bag. When the saline water is put in the lantern, it functions as an electrolyte with a magnesium (Mg) ro...
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AKAI Releases State-of-the-art LED and LCD TV to Aim at India Market

Japanese consumer electronics brand AKAI has leased its latest assortment of alluringly priced LED and LCD televisions. There will be two LED TV models and one LCD TV model. The assortment will comprise the first Indian 29” ultra slim LED television with just 9 mm narrow bezel (model LED29E12). AKAI India is aiming for a 50% growth in the coming quarter with its varied assortment of LEDs, high-definition LCDs, and CRT televisions. Mr.PranayDhabhai, Managing Director of AKAI India, during the introduction of the latest assortm...
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Ushio Intends to Sell Soraa’s GaN-on-GaN LED MR16 Halogen Replacement Lamps in November

Ushio Inc of Tokyo, Japan has announced that in November it will start sales of Superline LEDs, a series of LED MR16 halogen replacement lamps from Soraa Inc of Fremont, CA, USA, which develops solid-state lighting technology built on ‘GaN on GaN’ substrates. The Japanese company says that, as a series of next-generation LED halogen replacement lamps, Superline LED delivers not only the brightness of halogen lamps demanded by users, but also faithfully recreates the quality and properties of the light. The company plans to sell the produc...
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Panasonic LED Recognized as Only IDEA Sustainability Award Winner

Recently, Panasonic 20W LED lamp Clear Type, has been awarded the Sustainability Award, in addition to the Gold Award in the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) sponsored International Design Excellence Awards 2012 (IDEA).   Recognized as the most outstanding entry that couples design excellence with environmental responsibility, the IDSA unveiled and presented the Sustainability Award to the Panasonic LED light bulb at the award ceremony held on August 18 in the US. The jury appreciated the LED light bulb's "remar...
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Kyoto University Develops Transparent Paper for OLED Substrate

According Tech-On.com, Kyoto University’s professor Hiroyuki Yano, has added resin, etc to paper or its material (pulp) to make transparent paper. This breakthrough was announced at the New Technology Presentation Meetings, which the university organized Aug 24, 2012, in Tokyo. Yano expects that the new technologies will be applied to transparent OLED substrates, substrates of organic thin-film photovoltaic (PV) cells, electronic paper, materials for car windows, packaging containers, etc. Cellulose nanofibers, which constitute pulp, have a width of 10-20nm ...
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AUO Instead of Hon Hai to be Sony’s Contract Supplier for LCD TVs

Sony has decided to shift more contract orders to AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) and its production arms from Hon Hai, likely due to Hon Hai build ties-up with its major competitor Sharp in the market for LCD TVs. According to industry insiders, as soon as building partnership with Sony, AUO has seen orders for LCD TVs significantly increase since the beginning of Q3 in 2012, with lots of which allegedly coming from the Japanese customer. Meanwhile, BriView Electronics Corp., a production arm of AUO, Lextar Electronics Corp., an LED maker, and I-C...
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Toyoda Gosei Recovers Its Q1 LED Revenue up to 55 Billion Yen

Toyoda Gosei has undergone a hard time in the first half of 2011, but its revenue firmed up till second half, to 4th quarter was fully restored. And yet its Q1 revenue of 2012 also keeps the very successful performance just like Q4 last year, even the company increase profit forecast for Q2. The LED department of Toyoda Gosei had hard time when Q3 of 2011 as well. Until the new LED product line which Saga factory lead in goes into MP and the demands of Tabled PC backlighting with LED potted elements increased, Q4 revenue recovered remarkably. Besides, the revenu...
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Panasonic to Reform R&D for Medium and Long-term Roadmaps

Panasonic is to reform its head office and governance as of October 1, to reduce internally focused work and focus on customer needs. The strategy involves reviewing the mission of the corporate R&D division, transferring “themes” and personnel to their relevant business domains within Panasonic. Corporate R&D’s new mission will be to create new business and technologies in long-term growth areas and develop uniform technologies across the entire company. The personnel working on existing business fields will gear their R&D toward midterm bu...
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Panasonic Releases New LED Bulb "LDA6L/C"

Panasonic in Japan has kicked off selling its new LED bulb "LDA6L/C" since July, 20. With the new bright glass chimney, “LDA6L/C” can emit its light to lamp socket. In addition, the bulb utilizes the center installation technology to produce the dazzling light. Other features as following, E26 base Output: 485lm Lifespan: 40000 hours Power: 6.7W Colour temperature: warm white Size of outer diameter: 60 mm × 117 mm   ...
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Toshiba to Start Mass Production of White LEDs

-Will mass produce on a new line at Kaga Toshiba Electronics – Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced that it will start mass production of white light-emitting diode (LED) on a production line that the company will construct in the 200mm wafer facility at Kaga Toshiba Electronics Corporation, a production base for discrete products in northern Japan. Mass production will start from October 2012. The energy efficiency and long life of white LED is winning wide-scale application in general purpose lighting, TV backlighting, etc. and significa...
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Toshiba to Close Four Lighting Factories in Japan

Toshiba Lighting & Technology (TLT) recently has announced that the company schedules to close its four lighting factories including Nagai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Yamagata by the end of March, 2013. Currently, it has seven factories in total. Nagai factory is major in producing LED bulbs and incandescent lights for special use. Tsukuba factory is dedicated in manufacturing lighting production for residential application. Ibaraki factory is engaged in making metal parts/resin parts for lighting products. Yamagata factory mainly supplies power circuit. According to the...
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Panasonic Announces to Stop Production of Incandescent Bulbs on October 31

Because Japanese government urges manufactures and retailers to promote the application of LED bulbs as well as the series of LED bulbs tends to complete, Panasonic has announced to stop production of incandescent bulbs used in household market before October 31th, 2012. Compared to the deadline that the company has planned to stop on 31th, March in 2013, it has aheaded of schedule by half year. According to Panasonic, the number of LED bulbs produced by the company has achieved to 48, however, the number of incandescent bulbs has greatly dropped from 207 in 2008 to 4. I...
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EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. , a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, introduces two three-in-one sensor modules, APM-16D17-05-DF8 and APM-16D17-06-DF8 for use in environment brightness detection and smart switchin... READ MORE

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced component solutions, announced today that it has introduced “Fx-CSP”, a line-up of LED packages which features chip-scale packaging* and flexible circuit board technology, for use in ... READ MORE