HC SemiTek 96 MOCVDs Acquired in 2014 to Enter Production in 2015

It will take some time before the effects from MOCVDs and other LED chip equipment acquired in 2014 will become evident, but it is expected the new equipment will make significant contributions to this year’s revenue growth, announced Chinese LED manufacturer HC SemiTek recently in an investor relations statement.
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Samsung Display to Invest in OLED Production Line

It seems Samsung Display has not quite given up on OLED TVs yet, and has no intention of letting rival compatriot LG Display become a monopoly in this sector, according to a recent Reuters report.
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San’an Opto Board Approves New MOCVD Purchase Methods

San’an Opto’s board recently approved its Xiamen arm’s MOCVD procurement method plans, according to a recent company statement.
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San’an Opto Expands Production Capacity with New MOCVD Equipment

San’an Opto’s plans of installing another 50 MOCVD equipment was approved by the company board on Dec. 11, 2014, according to several Chinese media reports.
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Lextar to Scale Up Production Capacity in 4Q14

Lextar will be scaling up investments in 4Q14 to expand production capacity in 2015 to overcome production shortages, according to a UDN report.
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Taiwanese Sapphire Substrate Manufacturers Finance Production Capacity Expansion

Storm clouds are clearing for Taiwanese sapphire manufactures as sapphire substrate industry supply and demand returns to norm after years of financial loss. The rebounding industry has brought back investor confidence, which has spurred a wave of Taiwanese manufacturers to finance market strategies to acquire technological, capital, production capacity, and market share advantages.
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Edison Opto to Expand PLCC Production Capacity

Jason Wu, chairman of Taiwanese LED package manufacturer Edison Opto, is optimistic about lighting demand growth in 2014 and the opportunity for operations to rebound in March. The company expanded PLCC and COB production capacity in 2013 as LED lighting demands continued to rise. The company plans to further expand PLCC in 2014 and estimates that monthly production will increase to 800KK in 2014.
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