Xicato Shines a Spotlight on LED Technology at Chicago Field Museum of Natural History

Xicato, enablers of the Internet of Lights, will sponsor the Midwest Sustainable Lighting Symposium, hosted by the world famous Chicago Field Museum of Natural History, on Friday, September 12, from 9:30am to 6:30pm CDT. The event will be an interactive and educational symposium featuring lectures from the Smithsonian Museum, an application tour and groundbreaking color preference research.
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LpS 2014 – Symposium for Integrated LED Lighting System Designs

A new holistic and interactive approach has been incorporated into the LED professional Symposium +Expo 2014 (LpS 2014). Multidisciplinary expert talks, hands on workshops and interactive group discussions will take place in Bregenz, Austria, from September 30th to October 2nd. Attendees will be inspired to create new designs and engineering concepts for future LED lighting systems in order to transform innovations to the next level.  
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Think With the Right Brain – Interview with CN Sun, Alexander in LEDforum2013 (2/2)

In LEDforum 2013, CN Sun, Principal of GUANG Lighting Design, had a speech on "LED Lighting in Hotels and Grand Residences". In the presentation, he mentioned an important idea -- awareness of light, and pointed out the benefits of control system. Previous article: Think With the Right Brain – Interview with CN Sun, Alexander in LEDforum2013 (1/2)
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Think With the Right Brain – Interview with CN Sun, Alexander in LEDforum2013 (1/2)

Regarding application and cognition of light, there are completely different opinions from technological and design aspects. CN (Alexander) Sun, Principal of GUANG Lighting Design in Taiwan, talked about the application of LED in hotels and grand residences and discussed the “quality of light” in LEDforum 2013. This way of aesthetical thinking is from our right brain.
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Interdisciplinary Lighting Industry – Interview with General Manager of Davinci Lighting

Conventional lighting fixture industry was not as changeable as it is now. Steve Chiu, a 22-year-experienced lamp producer and General Manager of Davinci Lighting, shared his insights and opinions on lighting fixture industry on LEDforum 2013 Taipei.
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What a Good Lighting Is? – Presentation by C C Hwang on LEDforum Taipei 2013

Have you ever observed the light environment and thought if it’s good? C C Hwang, the Art Director of BeLight.com, did, and this experience may be one of the reasons why she decided to dedicate into lighting design. In LEDforum 2013 Taipei, Hwang shared her professional opinions on good lighting. Come with us and see the key idea!
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Introducing a performance of 100 mW, LG Innotek, industrial partner of LASER COMPONENTS, sets new standards for single-chip UVC LEDs. The manufacturer states that this development is two years ahead of current industry forecasts. So ... READ MORE

LG Innotek today announced that it had succeeded in developing an 'advanced flip chip LED package' that demonstrates high efficiency and high luminous flux without deteriorating performance even after it gets through 300℃ sol... READ MORE