Cairo Stadium Lights up with Arena LED Lighting System

Cairo Stadium has chosen Philips Lighting, a Royal Philips company and global leader in lighting, to install its ArenaVision LED pitch lighting system. The Cairo Stadium is the first venue in Africa to use Philips ArenaVision LED lighting which equips it with the flexibility needed as a multi-purpose venue. This innovative LED lighting enables Cairo Stadium to create light shows and highlight certain parts of the stadium for different events as well as meet stringent lighting standards for broadcasting.
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Egypt to Distribute 1.7M LED Bulbs in 2015

A source within Egypt’s Electricity Ministry has disclosed plans of distributing 1.7 million LED bulbs in the next four months, reported The Cairo Post.
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Egypt State-Owned Company Starts LED Bulb Production

Egypt’s state-owned company Neeasae  has set up a new plant to manufacture LED bulbs, reported the country’s state news agency MENA.
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Philips Outlines Egypt Market Strategy for 2015

Having established a foothold in the Egyptian market, Tamer Abol Ghar, CEO of Philips North East Africa, recently spoke Egypt media Daily News about the company’s plans for 2015.
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