The 'Lightbulb Moment' at the Ross Noble Comedy Tour

The production behind British comedian Ross Noble's latest stand-up tour 'Brain Dump' has turned to a tourable lighting control system for the first time. The team has invested in an Avolites Titan Mobile console to power the eccentrically brilliant set, made of giant inflatable light bulbs each with an LED light source at its core.
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Clay Paky Lightens up Moscow Skyline

Clay Paky's lights were the big stars of the Circle of Light Festival. The distinguishing feature that determines the success of this major international event, which is held annually in Moscow, is visual technology (video and lights) applied to the metropolitan context. In 2014, the event drew no less than six million people!
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International Artist Reshapes Viewers' Perceptions with Lights

Olafur Eliasson (b. 1967, Denmark/Iceland) is one of the most acclaimed international artists today. Since the early 1990s, his works have been presented in countless exhibitions all over the world. Eliasson uses a variety of media, including sculpture, photography, film and installation, but he also creates architectural projects and site-specific pieces for public spaces. Light, wind and water in every conceivable form feature prominently. And yet, nature is present in the works as material rather than as subject matter.
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Nuit Blanche Toronto Returns with Intriguing Lighting Installations

For one sleepless night last weekend, Toronto buzzed with excitement for the 10th edition of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. This popular all-nighter celebrating contemporary art featured more than 110 projects created by 400 artists. Since lighting installations are often a big part of these nighttime festivities, let’s take a peek at four light art projects that were featured during Toronto’s Nuit Blanche 2015.
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Daan Roosegaarde Recreates Mother Nature's Aurora Borealis with LEDs

Daan Roosegaarde presents the Netherlands as a great work of art in “the Northern Light of the Netherlands”. ‘Waterlicht’ creates Dutch water awareness On February 25, Westervoort will host the world premiere of Waterlight. The latest artwork by Daan Roosegaarde is described by first visitors as the “the Northern Light of the Netherlands” was exhibited from February 26 to March 1, 2015 in the flood channel of the river IJssel near Westervoort. Waterlight reveals the invisible artworks of the Netherlands, and will appear throughout the Netherlands in the coming years.
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