Evident Technologies Launched Nanotechnology-Based LED Products

Evident Technologies Inc. announced the commercial availability of its Evidot LED products based on semiconductor nanocrystal technology. Whereas traditional LEDs are available in a limited set of standard colors (blue, green, red, etc.), Evident’s new products enable LEDs to emit any color, including high-quality white light (see video).
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Evident to use unusual LED colors in holiday lights

It’s reported that Holiday Creations/Diogen Lighting, Inc. and Evident Technologies, Inc. have signed an exclusive licensing and purchase agreement to enable quantum-dot LEDs to be commercialized in the seasonal “light-strand” market in the US and Canada.
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Evident to commercialize nanocrystal-based LEDs

It’s reported that Evident Technologies, Inc, a Try, NY-based company that develops and commercializes technology based on semiconductor nanocrystals, has signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Philips Electronics. This will pave the way for Evident to commercialize nanocrystal-based LEDs. Evident Technologies is intending to immediately launch a new line of low-power LEDs and LED-based products that use semiconductor nanocrystals as a phosphor.
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Evident to release LED product

It’s reported that Evident Technologies, a privately held company based in Troy, N.Y., is preparing to release in a few weeks a new type of LED that promises to display any color, making the technology more useful in marketing signage, computer displays, and other applications. Evident announced that it had licensed from Philips Electronics technology that will pave the way for Evident to commercialize its LEDs, which use nanocrystals of semiconductor material that can display any color.
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