LEDinside: 2017 Year-End Industry Reviews and Outlooks for 2018

In retrospect, companies had already realized the only way to earn themselves new opportunities in such a mature market is to redevelop their technologies and gear up for niche markets with higher margins. LEDinside picks five trends that drove the LED industry this year and gives a quick analysis on what they will lead the industry to in 2018.
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LG Display’s Massive Surge in OLED Light Panel Production Set to Ignite Global Lighting Market

LG Display announced that the company started mass production at its new Gen 5 OLED light panel production line in Gumi, Korea and launched its new OLED light brand, Luflex. With these moves, the company will lead the lighting market, providing a powerful boost to the nascent sector globally. 
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LG Display to Mass Produce OLED Light Panels That Last for 30,000 Hours

OLED panels manufactured by LG Display are regarded as high-quality products, which has already been proven by LG's OLED TV and recently-launched V30 smartphone. However, LG did not limit the adoption of its OLED panels in the range of consumer electronics. Recently, LG has presented OLED lighting panels as desk lamps.
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Energy Department Invests $8 Million in Efficient Lighting R&D

The Energy Department is announcing funding for seven R&D projects that will support key scientific advancements in solid-state lighting (SSL) technology. The projects will help accelerate the development of high-quality light-emitting diode (LED) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) lighting products that can significantly reduce energy costs for American families and businesses by using less electricity than products currently in use, and ensure that the U.S. remains a global leader in SSL innovation.
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Pixelligent Technologies Awarded $2.15 Million in Grant Funding from U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Department of Defense

Pixelligent Technologies awarded 2 grants from the Dept. of Energy to advance its leadership position in OLED Lighting technology and a grant from the Dept. of Defense to further develop its Lubricant technology application.
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LpS 2017 Returns for Its 7th Year this September

The symbiosis of LED/OLED lighting and modern technology has led to new technical system architectures that will alter the light market, forever. For the next generations of lighting concepts to succeed a holistic approach between technology and the system is required, but how? The associated interdisciplinary developments require comprehensive knowledge of applications, designs and technologies in order to meet their potential.
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LG Display to Focus on OLED Lighting as Next Growth Engine

LG Display will initiate its OLED lighting business operations, which was acquired from LG Chem, and focus on promotion as its next growth engine, reported Business Korea.
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New OLED Industry Book Provides Detailed Guide to Technology Applications

A new OLED industry book, Applications of Organic and Printed Electronics: A Technology-Enabled Revolution (Integrated Circuits and Systems), provides an overview of the current OLED application market, and also reviews those that are under development or can be foreseen, according to an OLED-info report.
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Philips Plans to Spin-off OLED Lighting Business

Dutch lighting conglomerate Philips has announced plans of spinning off its OLED business, according to a report by OLED-info.
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Universal Display and Sumitomo Chemical Sign OLED Lighting Technology License Agreement

Universal Display and Sumitomo Chemical (Sumitomo Chemical) today announced the signing of a new OLED Technology License Agreement. Under the agreement, Universal Display has granted Sumitomo Chemical non-exclusive license rights, under various patents owned or controlled by Universal Display, to manufacture and sell solution-processed organic light emitting diode (OLED) lighting products. The agreement runs for the life of Universal Display’s relevant intellectual property rights.
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Lighting Japan 2015: OLED Lighting Market Introduces 3D Printing Technology

OLED lighting is finally being mass produced as manufacturers gain more market experience and prices fall. At the 5th Edition LED/OLED Light Expo, some commercialized OLED lighting applications include medical system lighting, a sector that has attracted a lot of attention from buyers.
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OLED Materials Market to Reach $3.7 Billion by 2019 According to NanoMarkets

The ongoing penetration of OLED displays in mobile phones and wearables and renewed prospects for the OLED lighting market will catapult the OLED materials market from around $900 million in 2014 to $3.7 billion in 2019.
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Taisei Corporation, Okamura Corporation and MHI to Jointly Develop OLED Desk Lamps for Offices

Taisei Corporation, Okamura Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) have jointly developed OLED desk lamps for office use. The newly developed OLED desk lamps will be installed in a Net-Zero Energy Building (ZEB)* verification facility that Taisei Corporation is constructing in the city of Yokohama. The OLED lamps, which emit soft light over a wide area, will be tested on an office-wide basis and are expected to reduce energy consumption while creating a more comfortable work environment.
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Agreement Reached on OLED Lighting Joint Venture with Saint-Gobain Group

Nippon Electric Glass Co. (NEG), reached an agreement with the Saint-Gobain Group on launching a joint venture to develop, manufacture and sell glass substrate to IEL (Internal Extraction Layer) for organic light emitting diode (OLED) lighting. 
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LG Display, Novaled, Sumitomo, UDC and More Headline OLEDs 2014 Agenda

Smithers Apex, in association with the OLED Association, is proud to announce that LG Display, Novaled, BASF, Acuity Brands Lighting, Konica Minolta, DuPont Displays, Panasonic, Visionox, BOE, Philips Lighting and many more of the industry’s most influential players in OLED lighting and displays will be presenting at the OLEDs World Summit 2014.
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NanoMarkets: OLED Lighting Market to Hit Revenues of US $1.4 billion in 2019

Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets has just published its latest forecasts of the OLED lighting market predicting a $1.4 billion market opportunity in 2019. The report, " OLED Lighting Markets-2014 "  notes that while the sector has foundered for the past few years it now appears to be worthy of some renewed optimism based on both on both improvements in OLED lighting panel performance and recent expansion of manufacturing facilities.
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OLED Lighting Solution that Combines Aesthetics and Functionality

OLED Technology presents many unique design opportunities within the consumer & commercial lighting sector that would have previously been impossible or at the least very difficult. OLED’s allow for incredibly low profile designs while delivering a uniform glare free light source. Currently not delivering the output for cost effective area lighting though they can provide suitable output and longevity for use in accent & ambient lighting.
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Lighting Japan 2014: Still a Long Road Ahead for OLED Lighting

At Lighting Japan 2014 in Tokyo Big Sight, OLED industry insiders of have noted that there is still a long way to go before the technology can become mature enough to compete with LEDs.
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Philips LED Tiles Featured in Southeast Asia’s Largest OLED Commercial Installation

The dazzling display of 1,680 Philips Lumiblade GL26 tiles was installed in one of the largest OLED installation in Southeast Asia by installer SLT Asia in Providence, the Kuala Lumpur VIP club which opened in July, 2013.
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Tridonic Extends Its Commitment to OLED Technology—Acquisition of All Joint Venture Interests

Alongside its ongoing activities in the area of LED, the Zumtobel Group is investing in the technology of the future, OLED. To this end, the lighting group yesterday signed an agreement to acquire all the shares from its partners in the joint venture LEDON OLED Lighting GmbH & Co KG. The Zumtobel Group set up this company jointly with the Fraunhofer research organisation and a number of Fraunhofer employees in 2009. The former joint venture LEDON OLED, which specialises in the development and manufacture of high-efficiency OLED lighting m...
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OLED Lighting Developments in Japan

Earlier in May, Panasonic Corp announced that it has developed a white OLED with the world's highest luminous efficiency of 114 lm/W. Improvements in the efficiency of this OLED device were due to  the company's focus on optimizing light extraction technology for an all-phosphorescent white OLED.  As a reminder, Panasonic Idemitsu OLED Lighting, a joint venture of Panasonic and Idemitsu, began volume production of OLED lighting panels in October 2012.  The partnership was established back in 2011,with an initial investment of $182 M...
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Show Report: LIGHTING JAPAN 2013

Key event for LED/OLED lightings, LIGHTING JAPAN 2013 concluded with a remarkable success gathering 353 exhibitors and 18,357 visitors. Becoming more international every year as an event representing the Asian lighting industry,  more than 30% of the exhibitors this year were from overseas and the number of overseas visitors reached around 3,000. LIGHTING JAPAN, which now consists of 3 exhibitions, was originally launched in 2009 as an exhibition for LED/OLED lighting manufacturing technologies (LED/OLED Lighting Technolo...
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Lighting Japan 2013 snapshot – OLED lighting and design lighting raises eyebrows

Lighting Japan has its fifth exhibition kicks off in Tokyo, Japan, featuring a wide range of next-generation lighting applications into series of themes as shown in LED/OLED organic electro-luminescence (EL) segment and the first Design Lighting Tokyo. The exhibition not only demonstrates innovative technology but also incorporates views about the latest trends. The exhibition is board in terms of scale. For specialized areas such as lighting, it covers three key exhibitions including the 5th LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo, the 3rd LED/OLED Light Expo...
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EU’s IMOLA Project on Large-area, Intelligent OLED Lighting Development

A project funded by the EU,  known as IMOLA (Intelligent light Management for OLED on foil Applications), will put a focus on the development of large-area OLED-based lighting modules with built-in intelligent light management. These OLED-based lighting modules will be used in future energy-efficient wall, ceiling and car dome lighting, where the light intensity can be adjusted intelligently, e.g. according to the time of the day or weather conditions.   OLEDs are paper-thin, flexible and lightweight electronic devices that consist of organic materi...
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Qube - an OLED installation with over 1400 OSRAM Orbeos panels

OSRAM unveiled a beautiful new OLED installation at the Qubique Berlin Tempelhof 2011 exhibition, which uses over 1,400 OSRAM round Orbeos panels. It was designed by Labme, OSRAM's new open source OLED lighting design platform. It is the largest OLED lighting installation ever produced, replacing Philip's Living Shapes OLED wall installation which had 1,152 Lumiblade panels. But the amount of panels is still small compared to Mitsubishi's 6-meter OLED GeoGlobe which uses 10,362 PMOLED displays. Anyway, here's a nice ...
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Konica Minolta Unveils Symfos OLED Lighting Samples

Konica Minolta has unveiled itsa new next-generation lighting brand called Symfos- the OLED-010K OLED lighting panel sample kit, including four OLED panels, and external driver box and an AC adapter. The OLED itself uses all phosphorescent emitters and offers 45 lm/W. This is the same panel that Philips is offering (as the Lumiblade Plus). In fact Philips is producing this panel for Konica Minolta, as was announced in July 2011. The features of the new product as following: •    Luminance: 1,000 cd/m2 •    Ef...
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OSRAM's New OLED Lighting Pilot Production Line is Now on Line

OSRAM announced that they have launched their new OLED lighting pilot production line in Regensburg, Germany. The company says that they invested about 20 million euros on this project so far (originally they estimated that the total investment in the research and production center at Regensburg will reach 50 million euros). OSRAM says that the new pilot production line will enable them to double the brightness of the OLEDs and to enhance the durability (they probably mean Lifetime) and efficiency. It will also enable them to produce transparent OLEDs, altho...
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OLED Lighting: From Spotlights to Walls of Light

OLEDs – organic light emitting diodes – are capturing the creative fantasies of progressive light designers. Lightweight panels or "light tiles" composed of extremely thin functional layers on plastic or glass substrates make exclusive, futuristic looking OLED luminaires for home or office use. They are offered as commercial products by large vendors like Osram and Philips. OLEDs give off a pleasant warm-white light; they can be tuned to individual color temperatures and dimmed. And they are "instant-on": at their full brightness right after f...
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Moser Baer Technologies Got together with Universal display Corporation to Develop Energy-efficient White OLED Lighting

It’s said that a U.S. subsidiary of Moser Baer India Ltd., Moser Baer Technologies Inc., has agreed with Universal Display Corporation on a Memorandum of Agreement for technology licensing, material supply and technology assistance to support Moser Baer Technologies’ initiatives in white OLED lighting. Before this agreement, last year the two companies also received $4,000,000 from the U.S. Department of Energy to design and build the first white OLED lighting pilot manufacturing facility in the United States. Under the agreement, Moser B...
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GE and Israel's Power Paper to jointly-develop OLED Lighting battery

It’s said that GE and Israel's Power Paper will jointly-develop self-powered (battery) OLED Lighting. The project will combine Power Paper's paper-thin, flexible batteries with GE's OLEDs. The company says that the new OLED products will cost less, be more effective and will be reliable and shock-resistant.
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LEDtronics introduces its latest series of LED Machine Status Indicator & Utility Bulbs. This is a product category LEDtronics has been manufacturing for 35 years, and this newest generation is the most energy-efficient and of the highest ... READ MORE

The new Synios P2720 has the same footprint as the 850 nm version. Measuring only 2.0 mm x 2.75 mm x 0.6 mm, the IRED is therefore ideal for space-critical applications.