Dialight Launches New 480 V Passive Power LED Driver

Dialight announced the debut of its new ultra-durable 480V Passive Power Supply, offering higher energy efficiency to outperform conventional switch mode power supply (SMPS) technology in high-voltage applications. The new 480V Passive Power Supply debuts on the 18,000-lumen package and will become the standard power supply used on every new Dialight fixture designed for high-voltage applications.
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Tridonic Launches New Flagship LED Driver

The PREMIUM TALEXXdriver series has been designed to keep pace with rapid developments in LED technology and offers an extremely high degree of flexibility. It features the new digital “ready2mains” interface which uses the existing mains cable for data transfer. Different casing versions and output classes with application-optimised operating ranges make the LED Drivers ideal for a wide range of professional LED solutions. 
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Dialog Semiconductor Launches New SSL LED Driver

Dialog Semiconductor plc (FWB:DLG), a provider of highly integrated power management, AC/DC power conversion, solid state lighting (SSL) and Bluetooth(R) Smart technology, today debuted its innovative solid state lighting (SSL) LED driver platform designed to deliver the ultimate in dimmer performance and compatibility with an ultra-low bill of materials (BOM) cost for next-generation LED bulbs. The first LED driver from this new platform - the iW3688 - delivers smooth, flicker and shimmer-free dimming supporting the widest range of phase-cut dimmers. It also enables manufacturers to drive down the manufacturing cost of LED bulbs by using Dialog's patented integrated digital control technology to eliminate more than 20 components, including the external bleeder circuit.
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Amerlux® Upgrades High Power A-14 LED Light Engine

Amerlux® never stops in researching and delivering continuous improvements in all of its products.  The latest improvement is the upgrade in performance of the Hornet HP A14 LED Engine that delivers outstanding reliability and guaranteed efficiency in energy and maintenance.
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Cree Launches High Power Ceramic COB LED

Building on the success of the groundbreaking XLamp® MH family of LEDs, Cree introduces the XLamp MHD-E and MHD-G LEDs, the high-power LEDs that combine the high lumen density and reliability of a ceramic chip-on-board LED with the design and manufacturing advantages of a surface-mount package. Utilizing elements of the Cree SC5 Technology™ Platform, the ceramic XLamp MHD LEDs simplify development, increase design flexibility and improve manufacturing efficiency compared to mid-power LEDs. The MH family enables new designs and significantly lower system costs, all while delivering industry-leading performance.
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Taiwan’s LED Component Value Tops Global Rankings

Taiwan topped global rankings last year for LED component output value, and the industry is expected to keep up 14% growth throughout 2015 to reach US $5.37 billion, according to statistics compiled by Taiwan’s Photonics Industry and Technology Development Association (PIDA).
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MoriLite's COB LEDs for Wide Range of Applications

MoriLite 100% own designed, particularly the 1st manufacturer in the world to combine & integrate the C.O.B. with Flip Chip + Vapor Chamber technology on our LED resource.
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Refond Receives RMB 4M Government Subsidy

Refond Optoelectronics announced that the company had received RMB 4 million (US $647,708) subsidy from China’s Ministry of Finance on December 16.
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MLS LED Package Business to Overtake Nichia

MLS has started to sell its products through Korean distributor Optoleds in Korea, according to a report by ETNews. MLS has become one of the first Chinese LED package manufacturers to be ranked among global top 10 LED manufacturers. A research organization estimated based on current development speed, MLS will be able to surpass top ranking Japanese LED manufacturer Nichia.
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Everlight Presents Price Competitive Advanced Lighting Components

Everlight Electronics【TSE:2393】, a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, is introducing the latest of new series LED component products including DOB (Driver on Board) Filament and Color Choice COB Series at LED EXPO Delhi 2014.
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Honglitronic Receives RMB 4M Subsidiary

Honglitronic announced the company’s application for RMB 4 million subsidiary for “new LED lighting component R&D and commercialization” was approved by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of the People’s Republic of China.
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Everlight’s Natural Light Technology Campaign Addresses Market Demands for High Quality LED Lights

Everlight Electronics, a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, supplements its LED Lighting product portfolio, currently featuring a market-standard CRI of >80Ra, with higher color quality versions. The new Natural Light LED variants will provide a CRI >95Ra, averaging 98Ra. EVERLIGHT is pursuing this goal a step at a time. 
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Dow Corning to Showcase LED Lighting Solutions at Light India

Dow Corning's authorized distributor in India, Kevin Electrochem, will showcase Dow Corning's innovative and high-performance silicon-based solutions for LED lighting at Light India from September 18 to 21st 2014 in New Delhi.
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Triac Dimmable LED Lamp Driver from Diodes Incorporated Increases Performance and Cost Savings

Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD), a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete, logic and analog semiconductor markets, today introduced the AP1695. This LED lamp driver optimizes the design of sub 12W triac dimmer-compatible LED lamps by featuring a dimming range of 1 to 100% and up to a 30% reduction in bill of materials (BOM) cost.
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Everlight Launches New Mid-High Power LED Product Line

Everlight Electronics, a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, announces the XI3030 High Voltage series, an addition to EVERLIGHT’s popular XI3030 mid to high power LED package. By introducing the High Voltage version, a new concept of the existing XI3030 series with higher voltages at a lower price, EVERLIGHT aims at reducing manufacturers’ total lamp or fixture costs. The XI3030 HV LED is a half to full watt LED that has a 30V version available, with other voltages upon request.
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Vishay Intertechnology Introduces New Thin Film Chip Resistors with Gold Terminations for Conductive Gluing

Vishay Intertechnology announced a new series of precision thin film chip resistors featuring gold terminations for conductive gluing. Offered in 0402 and 0603 case sizes, the MC ATAU series combines high-temperature operation to + 155 °C with tight tolerances to ± 0.1 % and TCR down to ± 15 ppm/K.
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LeDiamond Omni-Directional LED Filament Passed LM80 Test

LeDiamond (LED package manufacturer) announced that its Tesla filament has successfully completed the requirements of the rigorous 6000 hour lumen maintenance test (LM-80) by an international third-party laboratory organization (BACL). It’s a big breakthrough for LeDiamond on its LED filament development.
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Digital Lumens Unveils Stand-Alone Lighting Control Solution for Smart Lighting

Digital Lumens unveiled the Digital Light Agent (DLA) product family, a stand-alone lighting control solution that transforms any fixture from any manufacturer into a LightRules®-Ready member of an Intelligent Lighting System.
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China Promotes LED Lighting Component Standards to Overcome International Patent Barrier

Two Chinese companies were booted out of the bi-annual Light+Building trade fair this year for patent infringement. China’s intellectual property rights are facing an increasingly harsher environment as the LED industry enters the golden age. Coping with international intellectual rights has become a source of contention for many LED manufacturers, and a difficult issue to deal with for the Chinese LED industry. 
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Osram Opto Launches LED Component for Medical Lighting

When it launches the new Osram Ostar Medical, Osram Opto Semiconductors will be introducing the first LED component with a high color-rendering index (CRI) of 95 and the possibility of adjusting the temperature of the color white. This makes it ideal for medical applications – for instance in operating rooms, where a precisely controlled chromaticity coordinate and high natural color rendering are crucial.
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Everlight Introduces 1W High Power Lighting Component Meeting the Needs of Residential Lighting

It is reported that Everlight introduces 1W high power LED XI3535 lighting components with over 30 years of professional experience in research and development of LED component, this product is in line with the cost-effectiveness many customers are most concerned about, it can still reach a certain lumens and light effects under lower cost, and it is widely used in all kinds of general lighting, residential lighting, such as plate lights, spotlights, candle lights. Because of the special package design, Everlight XI3535 has better cost performance; under the drive of higher cu...
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OSRAM expands with new LED assembly plant in China

LED plant strengthens the company’s position in the lighting industry’s largest market OSRAM AG has signed a contract with the Wuxi New District Administrative Committee to build a new assembly plant in the Chinese province of Jiangsu. LED chips will be packaged in housings at the new backend facility starting in late 2013; with the Regensburg and Penang (frontend) plants exclusively continuing to make the actual LED chips. “The new assembly plant will improve our access to the world's largest single market in the lighting industry,” s...
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The 12th “HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)”-LED Component

LED Encapsulated Components LED package manufacturers comprise of Cree, Nichia, Citizen, Seoul Semiconductor, Everlight, etc. have developed improving products with increasing LED luminous efficacy and colour ren-dering index. Among LED package manufacturers, Citizen lately has launched indoor lighting with 26W and 41W LED, 3000-5000K color temperature, 2800-4390 lm of luminous flux.   26W Product/ Citizen 1
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The 12th “HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)”-Opening

The 12th “HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)” was held on 27-30 October 2010.The lighting exhibition has divided into several areas, which includes LED lighting, eco-friendly lighting, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, business lighting and lighting accessories and components.
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Sharp: Chip LEDs offer up to 90 lumen per watt

In addition to the LED Lighting Module “Zenigata“, Sharp plans to expand its LED Line-up with white and RGB high brightness chip LEDs. It consists of 21 different types of white light LEDs and 11 different types of monochrome and RGB LEDs. The company notes they offer a high light performance of up to 90 lumen per watt.
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SIL 2009: PerkinElmer to showcase custom and standard LED solutions

PerkinElmer Inc., announces that it will showcase its latest range of LED solutions at Strategies in Light 2009 (SIL) from February 18-20 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California, USA.
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Taipei drawbridge is showcasing Everlight’s lighting technology

The Bitan drawbridge of Taipei, Taiwan has now become a brand new “pearl & rainbow drawbridge,” showcasing many of the latest lighting technologies from Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd. Because Everlight provided LED components, lighting designs, and SL-Dolphin Street Lights to Bitan Scenic for reconstructing the Bitan Drawbridge and lighting up the west river bank of Bitan Scenic Area.
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PerkinElmer acquires LED maker Opto Technology

PerkinElmer, Inc. (PKI), a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment, announced it has bought Opto Technology Inc., a supplier of LED based lighting components and subsystems, as PerkinElmer looks to broaden its presence in the LED lighting market. PerkinElmer did not disclose a purchase price for the Illinois-based company.
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Cree CEO says the future of LED lighting

LED lighting has long held the promise of replacing energy-thieving incandescent bulbs without the drawbacks of fluorescent lighting and is finally taking hold in some sectors of the marketplace, says Chuck Swoboda, CEO of Cree Inc.
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Pacer Announces Further Expansion with the Opening of a New Sales Office in Ireland

Pacer International Ltd. announces the opening of a new sales office based in Cork, Ireland, continuing the company’s ongoing expansion.
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