Intertek Offers Decorative LED Christmas Light Testing Services in Taiwan

British test lab Intertek has started to offer decorative LED Christmas light testing services in Taiwan, said company representatives at Taiwan International Lighting Show 2016 (TILS 2016) jointly organized by TAITRA, SEMI and ITRI that took place last week in Nangang Exhibition Hall Center, Taiwan.
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Half a Million LED Christmas Light Display Breaks World Record

Australian man takes Christmas light decorations to the extreme, breaking the world record with other half a million LED Christmas lights strung around his property, according to Digital Trends.
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Holidays boost LED sales

This holiday season more and more consumers choose energy-efficient LED Christmas lights to save money and show their support for the environment, according to the market source. Consumers are discovering the benefits of LED lights, namely the considerable cost savings and durability they offer over conventional lights. Part of the upswing in popularity is that LED lights are now cheaper than when they were first introduced, motivating more consumers to try them out. California's state capital has also created a large holiday display using LED lights.
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Choosing LED Christmas lights is the best of both worlds

For the environmentally conscious holiday reveler, LED Christmas lights can offer the best of both worlds. That use less energy, but last longer than regular electric bulbs, and while they may cost more, it doesn't take more than a few years to regain that cost in lower electricity use and less replacement of bulbs. Decorations indistinguishable from regular light bulbs with a distinctively "green" feeling.
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LEDtronics introduces its latest series of LED Machine Status Indicator & Utility Bulbs. This is a product category LEDtronics has been manufacturing for 35 years, and this newest generation is the most energy-efficient and of the highest ... READ MORE

The new Synios P2720 has the same footprint as the 850 nm version. Measuring only 2.0 mm x 2.75 mm x 0.6 mm, the IRED is therefore ideal for space-critical applications.