Supertex Releases High Power LED Driver for Luminaire Applications

Supertex SUPX, a recognized leader in high voltage analogand mixed signal integrated circuits (ICs), today introduced theHV9805, an LED driver IC, where the LED light source is arranged as a high voltage LED string in order to accommodate certain lamp form factors, while allowing for cost savings through less complicated cooling and optical arrangements. The driver includes a linear postregulator to provide a pure DC current drive, for flicker free light output. The linear post regulator also provides protection from line voltage transients.
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Supertex Introduced HV9910C LED driver IC

Supertex, Inc. introduced HV9910C, an open loop, current mode, universal high brightness LED driver IC. It is ideal for general and decorative LED lighting, flat panel display backlighting, and other DC/DC or AC/DC input based applications. HV9910C is an enhanced drop-in replacement to the HV9910B, designed to convert high voltage supplies (85V - 265VAC rectified) or (15V - 450VDC) to a constant current source for powering a string or a combination of strings of high brightness LEDs. It can be programmed to operate in either a constant frequency or c...
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Supertex Releases Highly Efficient LED Driver

Supertex, Inc. (NasdaqGS: SUPX) recently introduced the HV9918, a buck-mode LED driver IC with hysteretic current control and high-side current sensing. It is ideal for a variety of solid-state lighting applications, such as low voltage industrial and architectural LED lighting, signage or decorative lighting, indicator or emergency lighting, as well as a general purpose constant current source.
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Supertex Releases New Three Channel LED Driver for LCD TVs & Monitors

Supertex (NASDAQ: SUPX), a provider of high voltage analog and mixed signal integrated circuits (ICs), has recently introduced the HV9985, a three channel LED driver IC designed to provide high LED current accuracy through closed loop control of the output current. The IC is ideal for driving multiple strings of backlight or edgelight LEDs in LCD televisions.
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Supertex Offers High-Brightness LED Driver with Hysteretic Control

Recently, Supertex, Inc. introduced an LED driver- the HV9919, which designed to drive LEDs using a buck topology. The company said it is well suited for a variety of solid-state lighting applications, such as: industrial, architectural, signage, or decorative lighting; indicator or emergency lighting; and as a general purpose constant current source.
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New Constant Current LED Drivers — Ideal in Low Voltage LED Lighting Apps

Supertex, Inc., a recognized leader in high voltage analog and mixed signal integrated circuits (ICs), introduced the CL520 and the CL525, two linear, constant current, two terminal LED drivers with only 1.0 volt drop-out and fixed output currents of 20mA and 25mA, respectively.
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