Philips expands the smart world of hue

Philips launches ‘Friends of hue’ – New LivingColors and LightStrips that connect with hue to deliver new ways to use light
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Phillips Attends Doha Summit to Discuss LED Importance

Phillips is about to attend the third annual Concept Middle East Summit taking place in Doha 22 to 23 February. The electronics provider will be a keynote speaker at the event. And Philip will focus on LED importance. Abdo Rouhana, head of Phillips Lighting University Middle East, will present a session on the benefits of LED technology, which aims to cover the indoor and outdoor uses of LED innovations, its trends and its biological and psychological effects in applications like hospitals and schools....
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Philips Revolutionising Home Lighting with New LED Light Bulbs

Philips today announced the New Zealand release of its LED (light emitting diode) range of light bulbs for the home. Delivering significant energy savings and with an exceptionally long life, LEDs are set to provide a step change in home lighting. Philips’ range of LED light bulbs use up to 80% less energy and can last up to 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb and are fully compatible with existing light fittings, making it hassle-free to make the switch.1 As well as presenting an opportunity for households to reduce their energy use, the Philips LED light b...
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Phillips’ LED lighting Installed in Phoenix Children's Hospital

Reportedly, Phillips’ LED lighting has been installed in Phoenix Children's Hospital, to create an escape for the hospital's patients and families and a distraction from the medical ailments surrounding them. The lighting design of the project was led by Dallas-based Scott Oldner Lighting Design using innovative interior and exterior LED lighting from Philips Color Kinetics. The lighting solution from Philips Color Kinetics was used to outline the building's distinctive architectural fins, while creating a visual canvas to display artistic animat...
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Introducing a performance of 100 mW, LG Innotek, industrial partner of LASER COMPONENTS, sets new standards for single-chip UVC LEDs. The manufacturer states that this development is two years ahead of current industry forecasts. So ... READ MORE

LG Innotek today announced that it had succeeded in developing an 'advanced flip chip LED package' that demonstrates high efficiency and high luminous flux without deteriorating performance even after it gets through 300℃ sol... READ MORE