Falmouth Participates in LED Street Light Conversion Project

Falmouth selectmen voted on June 17 on whether to participate in the Cape Light Compact’s LED Street Light Conversion Project, converting existing 2,900 street lights in Falmouth into LED street lights.   Before the vote, CLC Program Manager Kevin Galligan said that Falmouth has more street lights than any other community in the Cape and Islands. In February, there were eight LED street lights installed in some place of Falmouth as a demonstration project, which were well received. If LED street lights are successfully installed throughout th...
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College Student Invents Lens-Less LED Light with Variable Beam Width

In Britain, a student from Brunel University has developed an LED spotlight that can vary its beam without the need for a lens or reflector. The principle of the lamp, invented by Matthew Nourse, is to mount LEDs on a series of leaves. These can then be collectively tilted towards - or away - from the beam axis by turning a collar on a screw thread. Linkages connect the collar and the leaves. 
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A video of LED-equipped sheep flock draw over 2 million views

A video of sheep equipped with LED lights released by Samsung last week to promote its new LED TV range has attracted more than 2 million viewers on YouTube in less than one week.
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Motorcycle LED Light Vendor to attend the Winchester Motorcycle Expo

Wyked Illuzionz, a specialized LED Lighting provider for Motorcycles, will attend the Winchester Motorcycle Expo IV held March 28 and 29 to install and sell LED lights on motorcycles as well as display its two motorcycle models with LED lights.
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Foreverlamp has expanded its award-winning LED Lamp Series with a new Industrial replacement lamp. The new J Series provides a powerful LED replacement for up to 400W MH lamps that operate in dusty and harsh indus... READ MORE

Cree announces the commercial availability of the XLamp® XD16 LED, the industry’s first Extreme Density LED, which delivers up to 5 ½ times higher lumen density than Cree’s previous generation of high power LEDs.