Taiwan Xodtec LED Completed the Lighting Decoration of the Historical City Wall in Penghu County

The historical city wall in Penghu County, Taiwan has completed the decoration of RGB full color lighting products by Taiwan-based LED lighting solutions and products provider, Xodtec LED, Inc. The project was conducted by The Tourism Department of Penghu County Government. According to Curtis Su, Chairman of Xodtec LED, the company was not merely lighting up the Historical City Wall, but also achieving the interaction between light and people. The project is expected to attract attention during tourism season to increase the prosperity for local soci...
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Xodtec’s Products Are to Be Available in High Profile U.S. Retail Outlets

Xodtec Group USA, INC., a market leader in LED lighting, announced today that it has established a sales relationship with Sunmax Industry Inc, which specializes in manufacturing plumbing fittings, high-end bathroom accessories and a full range of ironware products.
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Xodtec Granted New Patent for New Type of LED Lens Supporting Frame

Xodtec Group USA, INC. announced today it has successfully developed of a new type of LED lens supporting frame which is capable of supporting lenses and LED chips of multiple specifications. This frame should greatly reduce the cost of production and component inventory, increasing the product’s competitiveness. The frame structure gained Utility Model Patent Number: M 358248 in July from the Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.
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Xodtec LED Street Light Receives Chinese Certification

Xodtec Group USA, Inc. announced today that its Apollo series 180W LED streetlight product line has recently completed testing at the National Lighting Test Center (NLTC) in Beijing, China.  The test report indicates that the total lighting lumen of Apollo series 180W LED streetlight is 9800lm with power factor 0.97, which makes this product one of the most efficient LED street lighting systems in the world.
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