IXYS Announces New High-Voltage High-Efficiency LED Driver

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division (ICD), Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation (NAS: IXYS) , announced the immediate availability of theIX9908 High-Voltage, Dimmable LED Driver with PFC Control. The IX9908 is a quasi-resonant controller that is optimized for dimmable off-line LED lighting applications. The IX9908 incorporates a precise pulse-width modulation (PWM) circuit and cycle-by-cycle peak current control to support flicker-free, phase-cut dimming with a high power factor correction (greater than 98%). Utilizing IXYS I...
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IXYS Corp. Introduced New 6-channel WLED Driver

IXYS Corp. has introduced samples and evaluation boards of its inductor-based, 6-channel white LED driver, the LDS8763 which can be used for backlight LED lighting of medium-size LCD displays and large-area LED lighting panels for indoor and outdoor LED lighting fixtures. The LDS8763, an integrated DC/DC boost converter with an internal MOSFET switch as a synchronous rectifier for highest efficiency, can drive 72 WLEDs in six strings with up to 12 LEDs per string. It is available with factory-programmed LED current at 20mA, 25mA, or 30m...
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IXYS Introduces New LED Driver ICs for Photo Flash Application

IXYS Corporation announces today sample availability of the LDS8640/41 and LDS8680/81, innovative 2 channels, charge-pump based, high efficiency LED drivers with low dropout voltage for Photo Flash applications. The drivers provide full output power from a single-cell lithium ion battery or supply voltage in the range of 2.7V to 5.5 V.
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IXYS Completes Acquisition of LED & Display Driver IC Business

IXYS Corporation today announced that it has completed the acquisition of the LED driver IC and LCD display driver IC business units from Leadis Technology, Inc.
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Introducing a performance of 100 mW, LG Innotek, industrial partner of LASER COMPONENTS, sets new standards for single-chip UVC LEDs. The manufacturer states that this development is two years ahead of current industry forecasts. So ... READ MORE

LG Innotek today announced that it had succeeded in developing an 'advanced flip chip LED package' that demonstrates high efficiency and high luminous flux without deteriorating performance even after it gets through 300℃ sol... READ MORE