Pilkington Automotive Sees 17% Energy Savings, Dramatic Visibility Improvement with Upgrade to Dialight LED Fixtures

Dialight partnered with NSG Group to give its UK-based Pilkington Automotive facility a makeover by introducing energy efficient industrial LED lighting. 
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Toshiba Introduces New, Compact N-Channel Power MOSFETs for Load Switching in Industrial, Automotive and Lighting Applications

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) announced the expansion of its lineup of automotive N-channel power MOSFETs with the addition of the 60V SSM3K341R and the 100V SSM3K361R. 
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GREEN CREATIVE Joins Harbour Group’s Portfolio of Companies Alongside ILP

GREEN CREATIVE is pleased to announce its acquisition by Harbour Group, a privately owned, operations focused company based in St. Louis, Missouri. GREEN CREATIVE will join alongside ILP Holdings Corporation, a Florida based manufacturer of commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting, to expand Harbour Group’s participation in the lighting industry.
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Dialight Announces Performance Enhancements for LED High Bay & Low Bay Fixtures

Industrial LED lighting specialist Dialight announced the launch of its new, performance-enhanced LED Vigilant® and SafeSite® High Bay and Low Bay fixture lines. The most-installed LED industrial lighting fixture on the market, Dialight's Vigilant High Bay line has been the leading contributor to Dialight achieving the industry's first 1 million installed fixtures milestone.
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Dialight’s New LED Area Light Now Offers 10 Year Warranty, Superior Efficiency & Performance in Industrial and Hazardous Area Applications

Dialight, specializing in industrial LED lighting technology, announced the launch of its next-generation Vigilant® and SafeSite® LED Area Light, offering high efficiency along with several new features that make it the most flexible, functional and durable LED area light on the market for industrial and hazardous area applications.
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Siemens Flow Instruments Deploys Sustainable Lighting Solutions from Osram at Its new headquarters in Sønderborg

The newly constructed expertise centre of Siemens Flow Instruments in the Danish city of Sønderborg consists of a modern test centre, production bays and a management building located on around 7600 square metres. Innovative, sustainable indoor and outdoor luminaires and lighting control options from Osram Lighting Solutions ensure high lumen-output, efficient and durable lighting that meets the high standards of the global company in every way. 
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Energy Saving at Manufacturing Company with Aura LED Lighting Rental Scheme

Swedish lighting experts, Aura Light, has been involved in a new warehouse LED lighting scheme at Celsa Manufacturing UK in Neath, South Wales.
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Hubbell Industrial Lighting’s SpectraLoc First to Convert Blue Light

Hubbell Lighting, expertizing in lighting innovation, introduced a groundbreaking new LED product that solves a critical dilemma in a number of major industries. By applying the physics of the “Stokes Shift” effect, the new SpectraLoc™ LED blue spectrum suppression highbay from Hubbell Industrial Lighting converts harmful blue light under 500 nanometers to green and yellow light.
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Larson Electronics LLC Releases A New Vapor Proof LED Light with a Day/Night and Motion Sensor

Larson Electronics LLC, a major industrial lighting company, announced the release of a new vapor proof LED light (GVP-48-2L-LED-DNMS) to be added to its expanding catalog of products this week. This LED features day/night and motion sensing capabilities and has been designed to be vapor proof, impact and vibration resistant for applications such as on ships, offshore applications and within water treatment centers, to name a few.
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Larson Electronics LLC Releases A New Dolly Cart Mounted Explosion Proof Paint Spray Booth LED Light

Larson Electronics LLC, a major industrial lighting company, announced the release of a new dolly cart mounted explosion proof paint spray booth LED light to be added to its catalog of products this week. This explosion proof LED light combines LED technology with a dolly cart mount to provide users with a low profile, full power LED light that offers even light distribution in hazardous locations.
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Forest Lighting Offers Affordable LED Lighting Solutions for Commercial Smart Lighting & Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Forest lighting, the brand name belonging to Chinese lighting giant MLS, was established in 2014. Thanks to continuous marketing and public relations efforts, the brand has gradually gained popularity among North American retailers and wholesalers, and has expanded its reach to emerging markets like Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Russia. At LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) 2017, Jian Ni, COO of Forest Lighting in North America, shared with LEDinside the development strategies of the brand. 
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New Cree NX Technology Platform Redefines LED Performance for Next Generation Lighting Systems

Cree, Inc. announces a major LED breakthrough with the revolutionary NX technology platform that will power the next generation of Cree’s lighting-class LEDs. The NX technology platform enables the new Extreme Density (XD) LED family that delivers up to four times higher lumen density than Cree’s previous generation of high power LEDs. This new technology platform makes possible innovative new designs, eliminating current constraints for a wide spectrum of lighting applications such as color-mixing, directional lighting and industrial lighting.
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Larson Electronics LLC Releases New Adjustable Tripod Mounted LED Work Light

Larson Electronics LLC, a specialist in industrial lighting, announced the release of a new tripod mounted LED work light to be added to its expanding catalog of products this week. This portable LED work light is lightweight, compact and ideal for applications that require high voltage work equipment with the ability to step down to a lower voltage.
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Larson Electronics LLC Releases New Explosion Proof LED String Light

Larson Electronics LLC, a major industrial lighting company, announced the release of a new strand of explosion proof string lights to be added to its catalog this week. This strand of explosion proof string lights produces a total of 13,200 lumens of high-intensity LED light for illumination within hazardous areas and potentially explosive work environments.
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Larson Electronics Releases a 100 Watt LED Work Light for Industrial Applications

Larson Electronics, a major supplier in the industrial and commercial lighting industry, continues its commitment to providing high grade lighting equipment to specialty markets with the release of a 100 watt LED light bar for industrial use.
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Samsung Launches New Linear LED Module for High-flux Industrial Lighting

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced components, introduced inFlux, a new lineup of high-flux (extremely bright), linear LED modules optimized for industrial lighting applications such as plants, parking lots and warehouses. The LED modules serve as a replacement for conventional T8 and T5HO (high output) tubes and are suitable for high-flux LED luminaires covering up to 40,000lm (luminous flux*).
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Bobcat® Manufacturing Plant Saves Energy Costs with GE LED High Bay Lighting

Machine operators at a Bobcat Company manufacturing facility in North Dakota can leave one tool at home now that LED lighting illuminates their work space.
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LRC Examines Mogul Base LED Replacement Lamps

The rapidly changing landscape of lighting in the U.S., largely due to the widespread acceptance of light-emitting diode (LED) technology, has opened a universe of new possibilities regarding LED replacement lamps.
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MaxLite’s New LED Linear High Bay Fixtures Offer Energy Savings for Industrial Lighting

MaxLite debuts its DesignLights Consortium (DLC)-qualified BayMAX LED Linear High Bay Fixtures with A-B bi-level capabilities that offer LM-80-tested LED strips in a low profile rectangular high bay housing; dimming models are also available.
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Energy Smart Industry Announces LED Retrofit Program for Industrial Lighting

Energy Smart Industry (ESI), one of the leading providers of LED retrofitting, announces LED Retrofit Program for Industrial Lighting. With this new lighting solution the industries can look forward to a noticeable reduction in electricity bills and can enjoy the advantages offered by LED lightings.
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Cree announces the commercial availability of the XLamp® XD16 LED, the industry’s first Extreme Density LED, which delivers up to 5 ½ times higher lumen density than Cree’s previous generation of high power LEDs.


LG Innotek today announced that the company has developed the world's first 100mW (mill watts) UV-C LED. This development is 2 years ahead of the industry forecast that predicted its development would be successful by 2020.