Light Avenue Launches Blue High Voltage LED Chips

Light Avenue offers new 12V and 24V blue LED chips for general lighting applications. 
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Osram Investor Against New Investment in LED Chips

Following Osram’s announcement last week that the company is to invest EUR 1 billion in a new Malaysia-based plant for LED chips, a leading investor in Osram expressed opposing opinions about Osram’s latest strategy, reported Reuters.
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In 2013 the LED Chips Production Value of Mainland Chinese Companies Reached 992 M USD, with a Year-on-Year Growth of 17%

In 2013 the LED chips total revenues of mainland Chinese companies(which mainly based on mainland investment, similarly hereinafter) reached 992 M USD, with a year-on-year growth of 17%, and is expected to reach 1182 M USD in 2014.
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Mo-Cu Wafer Substrate for LED Chips

Newly, Plansee High Performance Materials has utilized Mo-Cu R670 to develop a new molybdenum-copper composite material for semiconductor wafer substrates. With Mo-Cu R670, the new material has optimised heat dissipation in LED chips, as well as the same coefficient of thermal expansion as sapphire, and therefore reduces defects in the semiconductor structure which can occur during the hot bonding process. Commonly, the production of blue spectrum chips- including white LEDs - GaN-based semiconductor layers are grown on sapphire substrate (Al2O3) using epitaxial ...
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SemiLEDs Achieves 40% External Quantum Efficiency for Ultraviolet (UV) LED Chips

SemiLEDs Corporation (NASDAQ: LEDS), a leading developer and manufacturer of LED chips and LED components, today announced that its UV LED chips are capable of emitting radiation at a wavelength of 390-420 nm with 40% external quantum efficiencies (EQE – a LED’s ability to convert electrons into photons) at 350 mA (up to 500 mW output power*, typical 3.3V forward voltage). “Our patented structure and metal alloy substrate allow us to produce and supply to the industrial curing market UV LEDs that are capable of operating at high c...
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Introducing a performance of 100 mW, LG Innotek, industrial partner of LASER COMPONENTS, sets new standards for single-chip UVC LEDs. The manufacturer states that this development is two years ahead of current industry forecasts. So ... READ MORE

LG Innotek today announced that it had succeeded in developing an 'advanced flip chip LED package' that demonstrates high efficiency and high luminous flux without deteriorating performance even after it gets through 300℃ sol... READ MORE