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  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: Insulated metal substrates, Lenses & other optical components

The LED lamp shell

LED PC lamp

fluorescent lamp PC shell

PC tube chimney

LED PC chimney

LED lamp

Thanks to its customers to love, more than 10 years of meticulous care and good work, make day whip wenqi company any slack, never dared not careless. All the way, all the way was not strong wind and rain like songs... . Hereby thanks! "Intentions extrusion, continuous", independent product development, fast precise mould development, the technology alone design, meticulous quality control, and the like are provides the process, the day the melts wenqi mind and sweat, show the day with our people jiaqi.our!!!!! Series of ISO system, science and technology, and patent, the enterprise all is the crystallization of the us!!!!! Day of jiaqi every product is our innovation works! Day jiaqi plastic hardware product limited company with more than 5000 square meters workshop, more than 20 production lines, the quantity of more than 600 meters, ten several researchers, nearly operators, also equipped with a perfect mould room and testing equipment. Since has been focused on PC, such as plastic different profile PMMA of research and development, the production, the sale, the product is widely used in the LED fluorescent tubes chimney, medical, style, cars, appliances, communication, aviation, etc, and display of plastic extrusion products unique style and personality: the new, special, strange, beautiful! The more displays its irreplaceable capability!!!!!
Company products used in shenzhen kingkey building, meizhou one river two bright project, shenzhen metro, guangzhou, shenzhen Asian engineering project, guangzhou universiade "small pretty waist" guangzhou tower, xian west square bright project of large construction projects such as long-term practice accumulation, senior professional team, excellent equipment group, the lean of control system, continuous client and employee satisfaction, are you my "quality, price and delivery time, service" strengthen mutual won the sharing of solid platform! Admittedly, extrusion is just one of the ways of plastic molding, up to now, there are many can't break through be short of regret, day on the south wall face to wenqi, never look back. But hope you continue to swing his horse, such as young thick, in order to share each other's believe, of the future. Expecting appreciation, Thanksgiving fate!