Highlight of the Month: Smart Lighting Takes Off
The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is definitely pushing our technology to a new level. Now, we can combine LED lighting with sensing and data analyzing capabilities. All these bring the LED industry opportunities to connect with future technologies.
LEDinside: Development of Smart LED Lighting Market and Trends in Communication Technology in 2017-2020
The rise of the IoT has led LED lighting to networked high-value digital lighting. Smart systems can collect information of users and environment, etc., make data analysis, and then adjust devices.
Demand for Smart Home Accelerates the Development of Smart Lighting
In the era of IoT, lighting is no longer individual product, but a systematical solution. Manufacturers are trying to enhance the added value of lighting equipment by integrating functions like Internet of Things and ambient sensing.
Big Names in the Wave of Connected Lighting and Smart Cities
LEDinside would like to bring up some big names in three main sectors as key roles to facilitate connected lighting and smart cities.
Smart Lighting Most Widely Adopted in Industrial Market Yet Grows at Fastest Pace in Residential Space
According to LEDinside’s latest research, residential lighting accounted for a 23% share of the global smart lighting market in 2017, and it will rise to 31% in 2020. It shows smart lighting in the residential lighting market will have the fastest growth in the next few years.
Opportunities and Challenges in OLED Lighting Market
The size of global OLED lighting market has reached about US$153 million in 2017. Automotive lighting is believed to be the most promising and most mature application market for OLED lighting.