【Exclusive Interview】Violumas Enhances UV LED Optical Power and Extends Product Portfolios to Seek Market Potentials

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Violumas, the UV division of Cofan Group, specializes full-service UV LED products and solutions. Its patented 3-PAD Flip Chip technology enables the combined use of UV LED technologies and applications by having extremely powerful and reliable product portfolios. With comprehensive product lineups from chips, UV LED packages, UV LED modules, UV-C LED water reactors, Violumas is dedicated to full-service UV LED solutions for the UV-A, UV-B and UV-C range (405 to 265nm) to satisfy the customer needs ...
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【Exclusive Interview】Nichia’s Comprehensive UV LED Product Portfolio, Aiming to Replace UV Lamps

Nichia, a leading optoelectronic semiconductor manufacturer, has been dedicated to the innovation of advanced technologies for a wide range of applications in the LED and laser diodes industries. The company consistently maintains a global presence with a network established by its key representatives and partners worldwide. TrendForce had the honor of interviewing Mr. Hideki Hayashi (林 秀樹), the Manager at Nichia, to learn more about the company's technological advancements in the UV LED sector as well as its market prospective and outlook. [Photo: Mr. Hideki ...
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MEAN WELL Showcased the New XLN and XLC LED Drivers at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2023, Emphasizing “Healthy Lighting Matters, While Smart Dimming Is Only the Basic”

MEAN WELL, a globally leading brand of standard power supply products, is driving product upgrades and providing a variety of products to meet customer needs. This year, MEAN WELL is launching new lineups at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, showcasing the XLN series and the XLC series Compact Size LED Drivers . These products are expected to debut in November, offering new choices for digital lighting and smart lighting control.   The XLN and XLC series are "sibling series," with the former using an outlet wiring metho...
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【Exclusive Interview】Brightek Focuses on Optical Sensing for Information Transmission and Communication to Create Immersive Experiences

Specializing in automotive applications, Brightek has recently begun focusing on optical sensing for message transmission and communication to create immersive experiences, offering value-added integration services to customers. TrendForce was honored to interview Mr. Chih Hung Tseng, general manager at Brightek, during ALE 2023 (Shanghai International Auto Lamp Exhibition). During the interview, Tseng shared the company’s latest progress in optical sensing applications targeted at the automotive market. Brightek has been striving to integrate its in-vehicle am...
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InfoComm 2023 Highlights: xR Virtual Production, Glasses-free 3D Technology, All-in-one Machines

On July 19, 2023, InfoComm China 2023, an international event of audiovisual integrated equipment and technologies held in Beijing, officially kicked off. The exhibition gathered 400 leading manufacturers in China and abroad. Among the participants were Leyard, Unilumin, Ledman, Absen, Qiangli Jucai, AOTO, Cedar, Liantronics, Hisense, BOE, TCL, Sony, QSTECH, LP Display, Kinglight, Novastar, and many other suppliers, showcasing the latest LED displays and applications. For example, Leyard unveiled a transparent Micro LED display, while AET...
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【Exclusive Interview】Contrel Offers One-Time Mass Transfer and Repair Technologies with Lower Material Costs and Shorter Manufacturing Time

Starting to invest in the development of Micro LED equipment in 2017, Contrel believes that the decision was right after looking back at the then product development strategies today (2023). TrendForce was honored to invite Chih-Hao (Kevin) Tsai, director at Contrel, to talk about the company’s Micro LED mass transfer and repair technologies as well as their advantages. The existing stamp transfer works through thermal pressure release using PDMS adhesives. As Tsai indicated, Contrel has been aiming at largely simplifying the manufacturing process of Micro L...
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Embracing the “Year of Micro LED Mass Production”, ASMPT Unveils New Laser Mass Transfer Equipment

This year, Touch Taiwan 2023 set the tone for the year with its “Micro LED: The Year of Mass Production” exhibition. Micro LED has been facing challenges in mass transfer, bonding, and testing. With the integration of upstream, midstream, and downstream manufacturers and technological advancements, however, commercialization is no longer an empty slogan but an anticipated future. AUO plans to commence mass production of Micro LED watches in November and December this year, making its entry into the commercial market imminent. Chairman Shuang-lang ...
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【Exclusive Interview】Focusing on Blue Ocean Markets, UVT Offers Various Customized Solutions

UVT specializes in high-power infrared LED/VCSEL, red EEL, and UV LED packaging technologies, as well as UV LED optical module control systems. In response to the market demand for industry applications, industrial inspection systems, and handshake product services, the exhibitor participated in OPIE Yokohama 2023 held in Japan. TrendForce had the opportunity to interview general manager Ethan Chen to gain further insights into the company regarding market demand, product development, and prospects for 2023. Chen stated that among many applications, U...
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【Exclusive Interview】GENTOS Consistently Provides High Quality and Reliable Flashlight in the World

GENTOS, is a Japanese flashlight company established in 1978, providing high quality and reliable LED flashlights, headlights, work lights, lanterns, desk lights, and bike lights in the world, up to 185 items in total. TrendForce was great honor to interview with Takumi Furukawa, Section Chief, Product Planning Department and Hiroshi Sato, Manager, Overseas Sales Department of GENTOS to know their product strengths and sales promotion.
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【Exclusive Interview】Heraeus’ Solder Pastes Lay Foundation for Mass Production of Micro LED before Dawn of Next Display Revolution

Micro LED has been seen as a revolutionary display technology and a popular keyword in the tech industry because of its high brightness, contrast and stability. Since Samsung’s announcement of The Wall in 2018, companies worldwide have been developing Micro LED products for various sectors. For example, Apple will reportedly introduce Micro LED to its smart watches in 2024. As Market research company TrendForce indicates, the use of Micro LED will be extended to AR glasses, smartphones and automotive displays with a widespread revolution in the offing. C...
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【Exclusive Interview】Violumas Consistently Upgrade UV LED Product Portfolios to Seek Innovative Market Opportunities

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Violumas, the UV division of Flip Chip Opto under Cofan Group, offers full-service UV LED products and solutions. Its patented 3-Pad Flip Chip technology enables the combined use of UV LED technologies and applications with more powerful and reliable solutions. With comprehensive product lineups from chips, UV LED packages, UV LED modules, phototherapy solutions, Violumas is dedicated to full-service UV LED solutions for the UV-A, UV-B and UV-C range (405 to 255nm). Thanks to its customers’ suppor...
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【Exclusive Interview】Laser Components Continues to Advance Lasers and Photodiodes for Industrial and Automotive LiDAR Markets

Laser Components, a company providing comprehensive optoelectronics product lines including pulsed laser diodes, VCSELs, Si-APD arrays, and Si-SPADs for next-generation LiDAR, announced cutting-edge advancements and achievements that are moving the sensors industry forward. In response to industrial and automotive LiDAR market demand, Laser Components continues to successfully develop novel technology and offer off-the-shelf and customized solutions year after year. TrendForce was honored to have an exclusive interview with Winfried Reeb, head of business unit ...
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【Exclusive Interview】Emphasizing Customers’ Needs for Outdoor Display, Cree LED Announces New CV94A LED

According to the report “TrendForce 2023 Global LED Video Wall Market Outlook and Price Cost Analysis,” the LED outdoor display market is likely to be valued at USD 1.783 billion in 2022. Application scenarios can be divided into four areas, namely advertising/billboard, transportation/VMS, sports/education and live events. Highly valuing customers’ requirements of advanced outdoor displays, Cree LED recently announced the new CV94A LED. TrendForce is honored to have an interview with Paul Scheidt, senior product marketing manager and ...
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As the World’s Largest Production Base of Standard Power Supplies Is Launched, SDG Group Creates Sustainable Future with Reliable Business Partners

MEAN WELL, a leading manufacturer of standard power supply products with a combined revenue of more than USD 1,351 million worldwide, founded Sustainable Development Group (SDG) jointly with PowerNex and SHARE WELL, aiming to implement sustainability-related strategies comprehensively. On November 10, 2022, the group held an inauguration ceremony for MEAN WELL Smart Park located in Suzhou, China, during which guests from around the world witnessed the launch of the world’s largest production base of standard power supplies. The inauguration al...
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【Exclusive Interview】Seoul Semiconductor’s Automotive Lighting Product Strategies in 2023

According to TrendForce’s latest report ,“2022 Global Automotive LED Product Trend and Regional Market Analysis”, despite the fact that automotive market demand fell due to the Russian-Ukraine conflicts and the Pandemic in China, automotive LED market demand in 2022 increases with the raise in market share of LED headlight and the development of advanced technologies including intelligent headlight, logo lamp, intelligent ambient lamp, Mini LED / HDR automotive display. Looking ahead, automotive lighting products tend to be characterized by pe...
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【Exclusive Interview】Artilux’s GeSi Technology Leads Global SWIR Optical Sensing Innovation, Revolutionizing Emerging Industries like Consumer Electronics, Autonomous Driving and Industrial LiDAR

Well-known for the world leading GeSi (germanium silicon) photonic technology innovation, Artilux is a provider of SWIR spectrum sensing fundamental semiconductor optical technology platform and solution. Based on this key technology, Artilux takes the crossover challenge of developing integrated optics, system architecture and algorithm, bringing innovation to emerging industries such as consumer electronics, augmented reality, autonomous driving, industrial LiDAR. Recently, TrendForce was honored to invite Erik Chen, CEO of Artilux, to share his prospective on the ma...
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【Exclusive Interview】K&S Accelerates Mini LED Commercialization by Developing Integrated Services and Laser Transfer Technologies

Mini LED and Micro LED have been two cutting-edge technologies in the spotlight across the display industry, where relevant applications are thriving, particularly those powered by Mini LED. After Apple launched its Mini LED iPad Pro, Mini LED is expected to take off quickly in the market.   However, the transfer process remains a challenge for mass production of Mini LED (and Micro LED, too). Processing a large number of Mini/Micro LEDs (which is necessary for mass production) using the existing technologies and equipment is apparently too tim...
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【Exclusive Interview】Cree LED Unveils Outstanding LED Innovations at LightFair 2022, Aiming to Architectural and Horticultural Lighting

Cree LED, an SGH company (Nasdaq: SGH), opened LightFair 2022 with the debut of the recently launched XLamp® Element G (XE-G) LEDs and the upcoming Photophyll™ Select LEDs, delivering new LED innovations aimed at architectural and horticultural lighting. These innovations fully demonstrate Cree LED’s continued efforts to push the boundaries of LED technology along with the commitment to lead the industry with best-in-class technology, quality and performance. TrendForce has an honor to have an interview with Paul Scheidt, Senior Pr...
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【Exclusive Interview】StrongLED Smart Lighting Starts New Trends of Circadian and Healthy Lighting

In January 2021, StrongLED Lighting Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. announced the establishment of General Lighting Business Sector and the appointment of Mr. Lawrence Lin as the CEO. With full preparation and arrangement since October, 2020, Lin founded StrongLED Smart Lighting, a subsidiary of which the operations are independent from its parent company. Working with his management team, Lin created new trends of circadian/healthy lighting and attended LightFair 2022 held in Las Vegas, USA. TrendForce is honored to interview Mr. Lawrence Lin to learn ...
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【Exclusive Interview】Nitride Semiconductors Continues to Make Breakthroughs with UV-C and Micro UV LED Businesses

Nitride Semiconductors, a company established in collaboration with Tokushima University, has taken the initiative to develop various UV LED products for customers worldwide—including UV-C LED and state-of-the-art Micro UV LED. Holding patents of core technologies, the Japan-based UV LED maker also collaborates with Seoul Viosys and SETi in UV-C LED development and V Technology in the Micro UV LED segment. TrendForce is pleased to interview Mr. Yoshihiko Muramoto, president and CEO of Nitride Semiconductors, who updated the compa...
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【Exclusive Interview】HPLighting Stays Focus on Developing IR/UV LED and will Continuously Improve Market Recognition and Competitiveness in Niche Application Fields

HPLighting is a professional developer of high-power IR LED and UV LED packaging technologies as well as UV LED optical systems applications. As invisible lighting products continues to expand applications, the company has been creating products in reaction to the growing market demand in 2021-2022. In this context, TrendForce had the honor to interview Charles Wei, CEO of HPLighting, to further learn about the company’s business performance and outlook in the invisible lighting market in 2021-2022. According to Charles Wei, IR LED business co...
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【Exclusive Interview】Violumas Develops High-Power UV LED Product Portfolios and Solutions to Grasp New Market Opportunities

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Violumas, the UV division of Flip Chip Opto under Cofan Group, offers full-service UV LED products and solutions. Its patented 3-Pad Flip Chip technology enables the combined use of UV LED technologies and applications with more powerful and reliable solutions. Holding comprehensive product lineups from chips, UV LED packages, UV LED modules, flowing water purifier (reactor) to cooling solutions, Violumas is dedicated to full-service UV LED solutions for the UV-A, UV-B and UV-C range (405 to 255nm). Tha...
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【Exclusive Interview】OPTOTECH Partners with Nichia to Develop High-Performance UV-C LED

Specializing in optoelectronic semiconductor solutions, OPTOTECH has grandly transformed into a third-generation semiconductor supplier. TrendForce had the honor of interviewing Mr. Jeffery Tai, spokesperson of OPTOTECH, who talked about the latest progress on the company’s partnership with Nichia for UV-C LED product development. Mr. Jing-Fu Dai (left), OPTOTECH spokesperson While OPTOTECH and Nichia have various projects in progress, this announcement focused on those related to UV-C LEDs. Nichia, a CSR-dedicated comp...
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Expanding EV Market Drives Innovative Automotive LED Applications

Bolstered by the green, sustainable trend, sales and market share of electric vehicles (EVs) continue to rise. Automobile manufacturers are racing to develop and produce new energy vehicles, which boost the demand for automotive LEDs.    While the general automotive world saw LED headlight penetration exceeded 60% in 2021, the penetration surpassed 90% in the new energy vehicle category, according to survey conducted by TrendForce. As the automobile market recovers with increasing shipment and LED illumination penetration grows, TrendForce estimated the autom...
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Stroke PAE Realizes Fast, Accurate Mini LED Transfer that Outperforms Conventional Die Bonding Framework

Despite the expectation of increased Mini LED penetration following Apple’s launch of its new iPad Pro, the production of such diode is still faced with several challenges. As we all know, transferring a tremendous amount of chips (a required step for Mini LED manufacturing, also known as mass transfer) using existing technologies and equipment is far too costly and time-consuming. As such, equipment providers have been striving for mass transfer solutions, making them crucial in the commercialization of Mini LEDs. Stroke PAE, for example, performs Mini LED...
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【Exclusive Interview】Velodyne LiDAR Shines an Incredible Era for Autonomous Vehicle, Smart City and Industrial Markets

Velodyne, a leading LiDAR company and 3D sensor solution for autonomous vehicles and industrial robots, is going to showcase the latest product at CES 2022. LEDinside of TrendForce was honored to have an exclusive interview with Jim Barnhart, COO of Velodyne, to understand how the company’s advanced LiDAR system ushers in a new and incredible era of ADAS / autonomous driving, smart city, and industrial / delivery markets.   Jim Barnhart, COO of Velodyne   TrendForce: What has Velodyne achieved in 2021?   Jim Barnhart...
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【Exclusive Interview】Ten Pao Group - “Highly Focus On Power Supply Industry, Providing High-quality Products To The Customers Worldwide”

Smart power supply application is getting more tractions while being driven by the demand of emerging applications such as smart lighting and smart fast charging products etc. This new trend ushering new opportunities for power supply manufacturers to innovate and to breakthrough while facing the new wave of competition as well as opportunities. Recently, LEDinside, the Optoelectronics Research Division of TrendForce Consulting Group, has an honour to interview, Mr. Hung Kwong Yee , Chairman of Ten Pao Group Holdings Ltd., to share his 40 years of research & d...
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【Exclusive Interview】Laser Components Providing Comprehensive Optoelectronics Product Lines for Industrial and Automotive LiDAR Markets

Laser Components, a company providing comprehensive optoelectronics product lines, including Pulsed Laser Diodes, VCSELs, Si-APD-Array, and CMOS SPAD, for next generation LiDAR, announced cutting-edge advancements and achievements that are moving the sensors industry forward. In response to Industrial and Automotive LiDAR market demand, Laser Components has consistently successfully developed novel technique and offered standard and customized solution year by year. LEDinside / TrendForce was honored to have an exclusive interview with Winfried R...
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【Exclusive Interview】UNX Proposes a Micro LED Inspection Solution that Can Accurately Identify Product Defects

Micro LED has become a high-profile advanced technology in the display industry, where related applications appear from time to time. For example, leading players, such as AUO, Innolux and PlayNitride, presented the results of Micro LED development by showcasing their innovations during the Touch Taiwan 2021 exhibition. These new products have altogether revealed display makers’ determination to overcome the existing technical problems of Micro LED production and ultimately realize mass production.   To achieve mass production with a lower cost and desir...
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【Exclusive Interview】Excelitas Advanced Photon Emission and Detection Solutions to Usher Industrial LiDAR and Range-Finding Markets

Excelitas Technologies Corp. is a global technology leader providing innovative and customized photonic solutions. For decades, the company has been actively engaged in the development of pulsed lasers, fast and sensitive detectors for Industrial LiDAR and range-finding markets. LEDinside / TrendForce had the honor to have an interview with Dr. Jürgen Schilz, Vice President Detection, to share his extensive industry experience in photonics, and gain valuable insight into the LiDAR and range-finding markets and Excelitas’ current progress in LiDAR Lase...
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