Application and Technology Roadmap of Micro LED
As the technological bottlenecks being solved and the costs decreasing, Micro LED and Mini LED may have a chance to be adopted by display products. Even if there is only a small number of products using the technology, it will still be a remarkable contribution to the revenue of the entire LED industry.
Progress Updates from 10 Companies in the Global Micro LED Manufacturing Force
As time is moving forward to the second quarter of 2018, more and more rumblings and updates about Micro/Mini LED emerged and have been circulating in the industry. In February, LEDinside collected and revealed information of Micro LED development from nearly 50 companies around the globe. Here, we would like to share some progress updates released after that from 10 companies.
Difference between Micro LED and Mini LED
Despite the promising outlook, Micro LED is still faced with a huge number of technical bottlenecks. Breakthroughs have not been made in terms of some key technologies and equipment. In this situation, LED companies have turned to develop Mini LED, a relatively mature transitional technology.
Technological Transformation Brought by Mini LED and Its Supply Chain
The Micro LED technology is not mature yet, while the OLED technology has higher penetration in the market, so Mini LED technology will become the key to next-generation displays. The most important factor for commercializing Mini LED technology will be accelerating the technology development and reducing costs.
Latest Development in the Industry: Mini LED, OLED Go Head-to-head This Year, LEDinside Says
In recent year, Mini LED has undoubtedly emerged as a new sector where LED companies and panel vendors actively enter. OLED displays are invading into the backlight display market. As the result, manufacturers that do not worked on OLED displays have turned to the development of Mini LED, a new product that is highly competitive in terms of function and cost.
The Competition between Mini LED and OLED
Mini LED displays have an architecture similar to those of current LCD and LED displays. No major change in the design is needed. Commercialization of Mini LED is only a matter of time, therefore, companies are all expecting it to become a transitional product before Micro LED is ready for mass production.