Event Name 3rd LED Light Fair / LED Light Tech Show
Region Asia
Location China hongkong
Dates Oct.25, 2011 ~ Oct.28, 2011

LED Light Fair/ LED Light Tech Show
LED Green Lighting Revolution
Semiconductor lighting is one of the most promising hi-tech sectors in the 21st century, boasting long product life, energy conservation, and environmental protection, and will usher the lighting industry into a new era, following the invention of incandescent light and fluorescent light. LED lighting is triggering a revolution in the world’s lighting market. Taiwan is standing at the forefront of that revolutionary development, boasting a complete industrial chain which covers epitaxy-slice manufacturing, chip-making equipment, device integration and packaging, LED lighting application, and residential lighting and illuminating products.
Taiwanese-Made High-End Items Suitable for Display at the Show
Taiwanese-made LED lighting products, commercial lighting fixtures/systems integrating electrical engineering and architectural technology/residential and building automation:
Various LED lighting applications, LED lighting sources, LED components and parts, cold cathode lamp, commercial lighting, outdoor and street lighting, desk lamp, pendant light, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, outdoor lamp, working lamp, wall lamp, recessed lamp, track lamp, linear light, fluorescent lamp, OA office lighting, factory lighting, HID ceramic and metal halide lamp, CDM/CMD/HQI/special light bulb and tube, special-function lamp, stage light, warning light, LED display, fire-fighting illumination light, lampshade, lamp bulb/holder, socket, switch, power-supply line, dimmer, ballast, glass accessories, components and parts, switch line, glass machine, and lighting testing equipment.
Taiwanese-made lighting and electronic equipment:
Environment-friendly lighting products, solar-energy lighting products, photovoltaic technology, housing and construction automatic control devices (décor lighting, technological lights, and components), various luminaries, general façade technology, glass assembly, sun-shade/protection technology, and optoelectronic system.
LED Lighting Products
Interior and outdoor lighting, special lighting, photovoltaic light, decoration/landscape/building lighting, outdoor lamp, garden light, control system, and electronic accessories
LED Application Products
Auto light: in-car light, side light, tail light, fog light, headlight
Backlight panel: mobile phone, LED display, LED TV
Display panel, traffic signal, IrDA
LED Packaging/Module
Lamp, Cluster, Digital, Dot Matrix, SMD, Epi Wafer, Chip
Production-Process Equipment and Materials
Laminate, monocrystalline silicon bar, phosphor, epoxy resin, lead frame
Epitaxy (MOCVD / MBE / LPE / VPE)
Chips (Expansion/metal evaporation coating/etching/heat treatment/cutting) Packaging (welding/sealing/electroplating) testing (environment/probe/aging)
Major exhibit categories:
1. LED lighting applications
2. LED illumination technology and related components/parts
3. Sophisticated residential lighting fixtures
4. Avant-garde commercial-lighting fixtures
5. Photovoltaic lighting
6. Green lighting
7. Outdoor lighting
Exhibits Interesting Visitors Sources of Buyers From Areas Outside Hong Kong
LED applications products 24% Asia 45.2%
Residential lighting 18% Australia and Oceania 3.9%
Commercial lighting 17% North America 15.4%
Outdoor lighting (energy saving) 13% Europe 23.5%
Photovoltaic lighting (energy saving 10%) Latin America 5%
Environment-friendly energy-saving lighting 10% the Middle East 5.4%
Lighting parts and accessories 7% Africa 1.6%
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