Bridgelux Ventures into Streetlight Market

Todd Farmer, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Exterior and Industrial, Bridgelux speaks to LEDinside about the company’s observation of the streetlight market that influenced its recent launch of Outdoor Lighting Modules (OLM).

Bridgelux Outdoor Lighting Module (OLM). (LEDinside/Bridgelux)

Q: What is your outlook for LED streetlight market in 2014 across different regions?

A: Our market research indicates that there will be significant growth in LED streetlighting in all markets with the largest growth rates in emerging markets being led by China and India. We have observed a significant increase in the adoption of outdoor LED lighting. We are seeing Asia have the largest total growth, but the Middle East and U.S. are starting to pick up in large project implementations. However, emerging countries are seeing very large project installations driven by their federal governments or regimes (China, India, UAE, etc.) while more mature regions that have established systems are following a more established method of subsidy that has been used for previous technologies..

Q: Which country or region has the most friendly streetlight subsidy policies?

A: The various regions are addressing streetlight installations differently based on the status of their existing infrastructure developments and ownership…The largest subsidy level we have seen in the more established regions has been in the territory of Hydro Quebec in Canada.

Q: How is the streetlight market different from other outdoor lighting markets that Bridgelux has previously worked in (such as parking garages, flood lighting and others)?

A: The largest of the market applications is roadway lighting. Roadway lighting is unique in a few specific ways. With the objective of maximizing vehicle and pedestrian safety, modern streetlights require high lumen sources with complex asymmetric optic to deliver lighting levels required by professional bodies. The new Bridgelux OLM is targeted to replace the HPS lamp which is a prolific technology across many outdoor and industrial applications. The unique Bridgelux LED Array and OLM Series directly address these requirements allowing for increased performance and reduced integration costs.  Additional challenges in the roadway market segment come from government involvement and ownership, the cost and size of projects and extended lifetimes.

Q: Do you think smart streetlights will catch on in 2014? When will smart streetlights become more common on the market?

A: Smart streetlighting is beginning to become a reality and is starting to be strongly considered in the more mature markets. However, we do not envision significant adoption occurring until 2015.

Q: Are companies designing climate specific outdoor streetlights? For example, what measures does Bridgelux take to make sure LED streetlights modules do not freeze over in cold climate? Or overheat in hot desert climate?

A: In general, LEDs do not have any issues with cold weather. The large challenge in freezing conditions is in the ability of the electronic driver to initiate. High ambient heat however, is a challenge. To overcome this challenge, the OLM Series is designed to function and not fail in an ambient condition of 50C in accordance with the highest requirements from some of the hottest places on the planet, namely, the Middle East, India and other tropical environments.

Q: What price range will your new streetlight module fall in? 

A: The new OLM Series is designed and priced to enable manufacturers to achieve leading cost luminaires with a 10 to 20 percent reduction in cost when compared to an emitter based system.

Q: With the streamline production method, how long will it take for manufacturers to develop the product?

A: The OLM Series should enable manufacturers to reduce their lead times for their exterior and industrial luminaires by one week. Current lead times for most manufacturers range from 4-8 weeks.

Q: Since Bridgelux is an active Zhaga member, will this new streetlight module component be Zhaga certified and have interchangeable components?

A: Bridgelux is eagerly engaged in the ongoing conversations with Zhaga and we expect to be a participant in the conversations surrounding exterior and industrial modules.  At this time, the new Bridgelux OLM Series is leads the market into this product sector. With the simple installation and future proof capabilities designed into the module, an upgrade, update or adaptation is easily achievable.

Q: How will Bridgelux succeed in the competitive module market? What business or market strategies being implemented to ensure Bridgelux has a competitive edge?

A: Although LED modules exist in the market, there are no major players that have developed this unique integration of enabling features. The new Bridgelux OLM Series enables low cost manufacturing through pre-packaged component integration. The environmental protection allows for a more simplistic luminaire design that can reduce the overall cost of the luminaire. The reduction of a secondary optic reduces the optical losses and improves system efficacy leading to lower wattage requirements. The OLM also leverages the latest Bridgelux array technology boasting both low thermal resistance and compact size allowing for cost advantages in luminaire and heatsink design.  

Q: Aside from streetlights, what other lighting sectors or products are Bridgelux focusing on this year?

A: The new Bridgelux OLM Series not only addresses the streetlighting market, but also addresses many exterior and industrial markets (Parking lot, parking garage, area lighting, flood, tunnel, wall pack, canopy, high and low bay).  Additionally, Bridgelux is expanding its presence with additional CRI and CCT combinations. Our high CRI products lead the industry with a Meat and Bread combination desired for stores and high CRI, high CCT combinations for quality manufacturing and warehousing industries like textile, paint, and showrooms.  

Q: Will Bridgelux be attending the Light+Building Show this year?

A: Yes. Bridgelux will be exhibiting at L+B and LFI this year. We will be exhibiting at Hall 4, Level 2, Stand J31.

(Author: Judy Lin, Chief Editor, LEDinside)

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