Korean Sapphire Polishing Equipment Manufacturer NTS Focuses on Innovative Tech to Achieve Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

NTS is a machine maker that specializes in surface precision processing, grinding, polishing and so on. It mainly focuses on sapphire substrate and precision process of LED wafers, based on its comprehensive understanding in the process prior to the wafer manufacturing as well as machine production, NTS provides customized total solution for wafer production. It was an honor for LEDinside to meet NTS executive director Sophie Sun, which helped further deepen understanding of the development opportunities in the machinery market based on sapphire industry’s potential market opportunities in LED and portable devices application.

Sophie Sun, Executive Director, NTS. (All photos courtesy of NTS)

Since NTS was established in 2001, it has accumulated nearly 20 years of experience in mechanical design, R&D, and customer service. Following rapid market developments, NTS has become a leader in precision equipment manufacturing in Korea. From LED substrate processing to Epi-wafer thinning, NTS has a very comprehensive manufacturing equipment product portfolio. The company is excellent in precision and cost competitive Cost of Ownership (CoO), and offers clients automated production lines with high production capacity. The machines have been approved by Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Russia clients.

Recently, NTS has been relocated to new factory and it is expected to ramp up its production capacity more than 5 times compared to old factory.

However, unsatisfied with the current situation, NTS has invested in R&D to develop competitive equipment to lead contemporary technologies and ultimately to meet client demands.

NTS Production Line.

NTS major products include: Double Side Lapper, Wax Mounter, Diamond Mechanical Polisher (DMP), Chemical Mechanical Polisher (CMP) for LED substrates processing and Automated /Semi-automated Bonder, Grinder, Lapper for Epi-wafer thinning. NTS full-automatic grinding and lapping is an innovative system in which NTS successfully combined Grinding and Lapping process for the first time in the industry by greatly minimizing CoO and maximizing production capacity. In addition, NTS 50G substrate process line is optimized for bigger than 4-inch substrate processing to satisfy market demands by effectively meeting TTV and Ra requirements in the final product the customers’ request.

NFG-3150, Full Automatic Inline Grinding & Lapping Machine.
NSD-4050, 50G Diamond Mechanical Polishing Machine (DMP).

NFB-6485S, Full Automatic Dual Wax Mounter.

Besides, the mentioned NTS double sided high precision lapping equipment and polishing system (High Precision Lapping & Polishing System) in preparation for the demands in portable device applications. As this equipment is designed to use high precision pressure and thermal control, making it easier to produce perfectly scratch-free products perfectly suitable for sapphire cover glass, camera lens cover, home button, and sapphire watch glass solutions.


NTS is optimistic about development in LED market needs, as the lighting sector continues to grow stably and also demands in emerging automotive lighting products from interior automotive dashboard to turn lights and high beam lights have been increasing. Therefore, if we consider the portable application device market and reach a balance between manufacturing cost and consumer prices, we believe that sapphire products will have expansion opportunities.

The company’s investment in R&D to achieve the state-of-the-art technology, will provide you with the most competitive machinery and solutions by building up close relationship with customers, raising their productivity, and minimizing the cost to give the optimized total solution. NTS has never stopped its efforts to lead the market by aggressively developing its overseas market to become a trusted company with the flexibility and boldness to venture into the unpredictablemarket situation.

(Author: Joanne Wu, Assistant Manager, Research Division, LEDinside/ Translator: Judy Lin, Chief Editor, LEDinside)

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