3Tech Optronics Brings Innovative Breakthrough to LED Light Source Package Technology

LED light source module has matured these years. More LED packages are suitable for lighting applications have emerged including chip-on-board (COB) and flip chip. Under this situation, there is a growing emphasis on developing omnidirectional 360 degrees and good thermal dissipation LED light sources in the market. As a result, Korean, Japanese and Chinese manufacturers have become increasingly focused on the development of the above listed products.
Taiwanese LED module package manufacturer 3 Tech Optronics Limited Company (3Tech Optronics) unveiled its highly efficient and patented 200 lm/W omni-directional LED “light core” that incorporates 1~-2W mid power designs and converts thermal energy emitted from electricity successfully into light. This effectively resolves thermal dissipation issues and improves LED luminous efficacy. Take an E27 light bulb for example, to reach 1,500 lm the traditional light source is driven at 23W, while 3 Tech’s “light core” needs only 8W to achieve the same level of luminance, and does not require additional heat sinks.
This innovation will change the mechanism of the ordinary LED light source by removing the need of adding heat sinks, and bring unimaginable contribution and influence to LED technology in the near future.
Company Logo of 3 Tech Optronics. (LEDinside)
According to 3 Tech Optronics Chief Technology Officer Wilson Lin, the company has succeeded in manufacturing highly efficient 200 lm/W omni-directional LED “light core” this year. Three models are ready for mass production: LS-5023, LS-5033 and LS-5038.
How does “light core” emit light from 360 degrees? The company CTO explained that the traditional COB package uses a planar design concept, where light is only emitted from the top surface, and the beam angle is adjusted using secondary optic designs. 3 Tech Optronics’ vertical structure LED package design has upgraded the 2D light emission design to 3D. By combining the company’s in-house developed high transmittance and high stiffness thermal spreader, the LED chip can emit light from all sides with no obstructions. Therefore, there is no need to rely on additional reflectors and secondary optical design to improve light emission and beam angle.
Moreover, how does “light core” reach high luminous efficacy of 200 lm/W? LED filaments on the market made from glass substrates have better transmittance performance, but lower refractive index and low thermal dissipation, explained Lin. Ceramic substrates LED filaments on the other hand have better thermal dissipation rate, but lower transmittance. 3 Tech Optronics in-house manufactured substrate features high transparency, high refractive index and good thermal dissipation, hence effectively avoiding overheating issues. As such, luminous efficacy can reach 200 lm/W for an average sized LED chip sold on the market.
Consequently, the company’s LED light core package performance possesses high luminance yet emits low heat, and operates under temperatures below 90 degree Celsius. Furthermore, the company has already obtained patents for LED light core in Taiwan, China, Japan, the United States, and Europe.
Improving luminous efficacy and expanding LED lighting luminaire applications.
Lin described that an average 10 W E27 LED bulb is equivalent to 900LM. However, by applying 3 Tech’s 200 lm/W “light core”, the required energy is halved while delivering the same luminance performance. The brightness can be doubled if this novel LED package is used in solar LED lighting modules.
Unveiling the highly efficient 200 lm/W omni-directional LED “light core.” (LEDinside)
The newly launched 200 lm/W omni-directional LED “light core.” (LEDinside)

Multi-faceted applications of LED “light core”

3 Tech Optronics’s products have light beam angle of 360 degrees, LED components with automatic thermal dissipation, and heat sink-free LED light source that can be broadly applied in automobile, signage, and other home appliances and applications. 3 Tech Optronics has customized LED light source packages for all the above mentioned application fields. There is a promising outlook for future applications. In the second development phase, 3 Tech Optronics is working towards producing highly efficient modules above 3W, 300LM/W.

Lastly, the CTO stated lighting is one of the most important daily essentials for human beings. Beginning with the incandescent light bulbs, people have created many lighting products including LED lighting, in the hope of using lighting more efficiently, thus 3 Tech Optronics aims at providing efficient, energy- friendly products to the market as well.
3 Tech Optronics has successfully invented high luminance light source package under low power consumption conditions, and looks forward to cooperating with many more business partners, to provide energy-friendly products to the world.
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