Guangyu LED Lighting: to Become an LED Industry Hero with Regional Characteristics with Technological Innovation as the Basis

Guangyu LED Lighting Co. Ltd. was established in 1988 with a history of nearly 30 years. After three times of transformation and development, it is now a flag for the development of Shanxi’s LED industry. In the highly competitive LED packaging and lighting applications industry, it strives to be innovative and positive, thus forming product advantages with unique geographical characteristics. LEDinside has the honor to interview the president of Guangyu LED Lighting Co. Ltd., Mr. Xu Fugui, and unveil this mysterious technology enterprise for you, which is located in Linfen, the hometown of Emperor Yao and the coal capital.

(Image: Guangyu LED Lighting Co. Ltd.)

Q: Could you please introduce what you think are very important milestone events in the development history of the company?

A: At the beginning, Guangyu was a manufacturing enterprise of miner's lamp. But due to the later downturn development of the coal industry, Guangyu needed to face the transformation of its products. After the full investigation and market research, based on the mature technology of manufacturing lead-acid battery for mine’s lamp, with the opportunity of rapid development of communications and telecommunications, Guangyu successfully developed a new energy-saving, technologically advanced "hermetically sealed battery". The product was widely used in finance, electricity, coal, aviation, communications and other fields and sectors to meet the reserve power supply needs. It was independent innovation that made us successfully achieve the first time of transformation. The company also entered a scientific, standardized, large-scale development track. 

In 2006, we made a major breakthrough in the field of LED semiconductor lighting. We solved the constraints of key processes and materials for LED lighting, to fundamentally solve the high-power LED’s thermal conductivity and dissipation problems. At the time, the technology was ahead of others in the industry abroad for five years and was second to none at home, so the market achieved rapid expansion.

With the business philosophy of going ahead steadily in mind, in the domestic market, our products has received the praise from the majority of users, especially in the field of municipal lighting projects. The application quantity of our high-power LED lights and tunnel lights has been in the forefront of the industry. They are successfully applied to major projects in the country and highly recognized by the industry experts. We have received a number of industry awards and are listed as a standard participating unit for National LED Road Lighting. In the international market, our export was ranked first in Shanxi Province in terms of total foreign exchange earning for science and technology products and our products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions.

Q: In the highly competitive LED lighting industry, some companies are good at price war with price advantages occupying the market, some companies focus on the expansion of brands and channels, and some companies focus on a market segment to do the best. What is the positioning of Guangyu?

A: Now the market competition is intensified. The influence of Guangyu lighting brand is not small in the industry. We will continue to uphold the management philosophy of “winning with integrity and innovation”, to enhance product quality from technological breakthroughs, material improvement, structural design upgrades, etc. and to improve product cost. We will also strengthen technological innovation, adhere to brand cultivation, consolidate the existing market, explore the market segments, and improve the cost performance of our products. With the same price, our product performance shall be better than our competitors while with the same performance, our products shall be more affordable than our competitors.“Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.”We will always continue to down to earth to become an outstanding service provider of high-power LED lighting products and the overall solutions.

Q: What are Guangyu’s advantageous products ? What are the main aspects of product competitiveness?

A: Since 2004, Guangyu has been committed to application technology R&D of multi-chip packaging high-power LED lighting. Until now, Guangyu has participated in the semiconductor lighting project under the “National 863 Plan” for 3 times, in the semiconductor lighting engineering research project under the “National 12th Five-year Plan” for 1 time, and in more than 10 provincial technological innovation and research projects. Guangyu also conducts long-term cooperation with China Solid State Lighting Alliance and state key laboratories, and gradually forms competitive advantages in the LED road lighting, field lighting, hospital lighting and other areas.

① LED lighting products for field lighting

   Based on the cooling technology of integrated hot plate and high efficient LED module, we have successfully designed a variety of modular LED flood lights with ultra-high power and high luminous flux. The maximum power of the series could reach 800W and the luminous flux output of a single lamp could reach 96000lm. Meanwhile, the weight of lamps are controlled below 40g/W, which provides an effective solution for LED field lighting applications to replace the ultra-high power sodium lamps. This technology belongs to the company’s participated project of “Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research Project” under the “National 12th Five-year Plan”. This technology ranks an advanced level in China.

② LED tunnel lighting products

In order to meet the requirements of safety, energy saving, high efficiency, light modularization and intelligentization for highway and tunnel lighting both at home and abroad, we have developed series of tunnel lighting lamps with high efficiency, energy saving, anti-glar, light source modularization and intelligent control. These products have been successfully used in Qianjiang tunnel and other well-known domestic lighting projects, and praised by users.

③ LED road lighting products

   We have researched cooling and light distribution of ultra-high power LED street lamps, and designed three series of LED street lamps with power up to 300W for urban fast lane applications, which provides technical solutions for LED applications in the fast lanes, and the lamp maintenance and replacement can be completed by hand.

④ LED hospital lighting products

  We have researched new LED modules with high color rendering, low color temperature and high efficiency, LED lighting with color temperature control, and intelligent lighting control technology. We have designed eight series of LED hospital lighting products with 17 specifications, which provides a comfortable energy-efficient lighting environment for the hospital. This technology belongs to the company’s participated project of “Research and Development of Key Materials and technologies of Efficient Semiconductor Lighting (Phase III)” under the “National 863 Plan”. This technology ranks an advanced level in China.

Q: LED street lamp industry ups and downs, after the rapid development of the early, the market is now very mature, many early street lamp manufacturers have quit the industry, Guangyu still able to maintain the leading edge in this area for what reason?

A: First of all, the work principle of Guangyu is to stay conscientious and focused. During the different stages of the development, Guangyu also faces different challenges and difficulties, but we will stay true to the mission. We always firmly believe that product quality and brand reputation are the basis for taking root, and technological innovation is the core driving force for enterprise development. Second, the cultivation and reserves of talents are also the basis for the company's long-term development. The longer the staff work for the company, the more cohesive the company will be, and the more difficulties for the development will be overcome. It is a long-term basic guarantee for the company. It’s more difficult to do longer than to do bigger.

Q: China's LED manufacturing industry has obvious advantages and now is continuing to gain ground in the overseas market. In this respect, Guangyu has some harvests. What plans does Guangyu have to open up overseas market? In overseas markets, what different competitive advantages does Guangyu have?

A: Guangyu has been constantly striving to open up overseas markets and has achieved certain brand effect. With the help of China’s “One Belt and One Road” strategic policy, Guangyu will seize the opportunity and plan overseas processing plants.

After years of hard work, Guangyu has got sufficient energy reserves in research and development, production, marketing, finance and other aspects. In China, Guangyu is the industry’s leading brand. Now in Vietnam, Thailand, Angola, Mauritius, Russia and other places, we will develop cooperation projects with local governments and set up factories in accordance with the development of the market. Guangyu will control the core technology and key resources of the supply chain, set up local factories to assemble and test final finished products, and integrate rapidly and stably into the local economic system and expand overseas markets.

Q: China is already the world's most important production and consumption power of LED lighting products. What do you think of the future of China's LED lighting industry? What kind of role does Guangyu will play in it?

A: About China’s LED future, we have the following views:

① The future market volume growth will gradually shift from a high speed to a smooth transition. The profit margins of enterprises will become more and more narrow, due to the increase of raw materials, labor costs and other factors ;

② In order to seek coordinated development, the integration, mergers and acquisitions between the upstream and downstream will continue. The fittest will survive. Similar to other industries, the domestic giants will have the ability to compete with international brands, enter segmented areas and play their respective strengths ;

 Intelligent lighting and smart city will become the norm. With the continuous penetration of the Internet, the lighting industry will also become a member of the Internet. Only lighting is more waste of resources. Dare to be a carrier, carrying more public service functions, such as: WIFI relay, positioning function, outdoor advertising and so on.

After nearly three decades of history, Guangyu’s products has covered such areas as municipal lighting, rail traffic lighting, high and low altitude lighting, field lighting, industrial lighting, landscape lighting, special lighting, and indoor lighting. There are hundreds of typical engineering cases. After years of market development and industry accumulation, Guangyu has mature products in several areas, with a solid technical background and an excellent design team. In the future, Guangyu people will continue to work hard for illuminating China and the world.

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