Everlight Intelligence Technology Brings Intelligent Lighting to Life

LED technology once made a huge breakthrough in the lighting business with its high brightness and efficiency. With the advancement of LED technology and cost and price drop of the products, LED lighting has widely penetrated our daily lives and is now moving towards intelligent applications by combining innovative technologies such as IoT and 5G internet. Many LED leading producers are aggressively pushing their development of the intelligent applications of LED.

Everlight Electronics, the leading LED packaging company in Taiwan, is one of them.

The lighting brand under Everlight Electronics has changed its name from Everlight Solid-State Lighting to Everlight Intelligence Technology. The gesture is to indicate the company’s transformation from a lighting producer to an integrated solution provider who connects lighting with IoT and other novel technologies to offer diverse intelligent solutions according to different needs.

(Richard Hsu, Senior Director, Everlight Intelligence Technology)

With its new name, Everlight Intelligence Technology has continued to enhance the quality and efficiency of its LED lighting products. Furthermore, it has brought LED lighting technology to the advanced intelligent level. How did the company make such achievement? LEDinside was pleased to interview Richard Hsu, Senior Director of Everlight Intelligence Technology, to learn more about the company’s strategies and progresses for intelligent lighting.

Everlight Establishes Smart City for Taipei

Streetlights are viewed as one the most important infrastructures for smart cities given their high density and commonness. Many smart city projects combine streetlights with air sensors, micro weather stations and traffic monitoring systems to provide information of air quality, weather forecast and traffic.

Everlight Intelligence Technology has collaborated with Taipei City Government to replace the old streetlights with LED streetlights and to prepare for smart city applications in the future. The LED streetlights project was initiated since 2017 and is expected to complete in the third quarter of the year. Hsu indicated that the project includes installation of smart streetlights, smart lampposts and a management platform. Through the integration between telecom operators and software developers, the administration will be able control the streetlights on the management platform, dimming the light sources and analyzing the energy consumption of the streetlights. Moreover, the lifetime of the streetlights can be predicted and monitored via the system so they can be repaired and replaced in advance to improve the efficiency of energy use.

(Smart streetlights)

In fact, it is challenging to conduct the pilot project of smart lampposts establishment. “It is essential to consider how to efficiently place the smart lampposts for collecting data at key spots and to effectively distribute information to citizens and related sectors,” Hsu analyzed.

Everlight continues to work with various partners including telecom operators and internet companies for further developing holistic smart city solutions to meet the needs of Taipei City. Beside Taipei City, Everlight has also talked with other regions for setting up customized smart city solutions.

(Everlight showcasing a smart lamppost)

Promoting Intelligent Home Lighting and Energy Saving Products

Aside from Smart city applications, Everlight also takes the lead for home lighting. The company has developed highly efficient LED lighting and promoted intelligent home lighting by launching dimmable light bulbs, recessed lamps and frame lamps with Bluetooth. With the corresponding app installed, the consumers can then control the switch and dimming functions remotely from their phones or tablets.

According to Hsu, the concept of intelligent home lighting has just been initiated and Everlight Intelligence Technology is advocating the idea while preparing the sales channels for consumers to experience the benefits of intelligent home lighting. Hsu pointed out that the consumers have shown their interests for new technologies and new products. However, it takes time for them to gradually change their living style as intelligent home lighting interweaves with everyday life. Everlight positions itself as a promoter who will keep penetrating the market, making consumers more used to the convenience of intelligent home lighting such as control lighting switch via their devices.

In line with the global sustainable concept, Everlight has progressed its energy saving products for providing efficient lighting. In Taiwan, Everlight is the brand who owns the most lighting products with eco label in the market.

From Efficiency to Intelligence, Everlight Is Committed to the Lighting Market

Everlight has been a pioneer in the lighting industry, promoting LED lighting in the past and advocating intelligent lighting in the present. The company has never stopped advancing itself in the market for developing products with better quality and has established its reputation as a lighting brand.

Hsu addressed that the competition in the lighting industry has always been intense. Even though other companies might feature their products with low prices, Hsu believes that price is not the only factor for customers when it comes to lighting products. Consumers also care about the quality of lighting products and the reputation of different brands. The regulations and standards for lighting products have been set and Everlight ensures its products meet the standards or even beyond them to offer better options for customers.

To conclude, Hsu said the company will keep pushing the integration of IoT and lighting by cooperating with telecom and software companies to advance the solutions of smart city. Meanwhile, based on its efficient LED lighting products, Everlight will further promote intelligent home lighting to build an intelligent life style for consumers. Despite the changes in the lighting industry, Everlight will continue to provide lighting products and state-of-the-art solutions combining intelligent lighting and IoT.

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