When LEDs Meet Smart Deodarant

Today is the first day of the deodorant revolution, as ClickStick launches on Kickstarter. ClickStick (www.getclickstick.com) is the world's first smart electric deodorant applicator, equipped with push-button delivery, adjustable amounts, LED indicators and a free mobile app.

ClickStick comes in customized LED colors from blue, pink, to tourquoise. Please click image to see the hilarous Kickstarter campagin video. (All Photo Credits of ClickStick)

"There have been updates and technology advancements in several areas of personal care, the deodorant applicator has been the one area where innovation has been lacking," says Gilad Arwatz, co-founder of ClickStick. "We wanted to make one of the few things you do every day enjoyable and easy, but also smart and advanced. The features of ClickStick make putting on deodorant a better experience, but the application technology can be used with virtually anything."

The smart deodarant's button can be found on the back of the casing. 

The new technology solves many problems associated with deodorants. The push-button feature makes one-hand deodorant application easier, completely eliminating stains and white marks on clothes. With personalized amount control set by the mobile app, users don't have to worry about getting irritations or putting on too much or too little deodorant. ClickStick's internal microprocessor delivers the same amount every time.

The smart deodarant ClickStick can be paired with smartphones to remind users when to apply and will always squeeze out the exact same amount. 

While ClickStick aims to advance personal care application technology it is also eco-friendly, eliminating waste with its refill option (saving between 30 percent to 90 percent plastic waste). Users can order refills of their favorite deodorant through the mobile app and continue using the ClickStick applicator to optimize their experience.

"I saw my father's mobility deteriorate due to his ALS," says Carla Bahri, co-founder of ClickStick. "Simple everyday things became very challenging for him and something like ClickStick would have made these tasks much less stressful for him as restrictions on his mobility increased. The one-hand application feature makes deodorant application much easier for those with mobility issues that are caused by various physical limitations."

The deodarant is refillable and comes in black and white at the moment.

SMART Features of ClickStick Include:

  • Push-button deodorant delivery - Unique electronic dispensing mechanism makes sure that you deliver the right amount of deodorant to exactly the right place every time to ensure optimal protection and to reduce stains and skin irritations.
  • Mobile App - ClickStick will come with a free mobile app that will give you insights on the right amount of deodorant you need, based on your needs and activity level. The app will also tell you when you need to refill your deodorant, monitor your application habits and have an option for ordering refills to make sure you don't go a day without freshness.
  • Light activated - the cap and application of your deodorant is now animated with customized LED light.
  • Choose custom strengths and scents of deodorants - Deodorants come in varied strengths and scents, so you can customize. It can also come with any of your favorite deodorant.
  •  Refill kit - ClickStick gives you the option to fill your own deodorant with a simple and no-mess refill kit.
  • Cap activated power switch - ClickStick includes a power switch that prevents accidental operation when the cap is placed. So no need to worry about deodorant spilling in your bag!
ClickStick comes with a cap. 

ClickStick is currently available for pre-order through Kickstarter. Early bird pricing starts at just $19. Customize your experience with the chrome engraved option, starting at US $40.

For more information, visit the campaign on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1317482922/clickstick-the-worlds-first-smart-deodorant-applic

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