Philips Lighting Lights Up Smart Cities with LEDs

Philips Lighting, with sales of EUR 7.1 billion in 2016 and 34,000 employees worldwide, has been focusing on developing new smart lighting solutions to cater to smart city trends around the world.
The company’s smart lighting solutions target four main areas: streets, interior spaces, sports venues, and public landscapes. Philips Lighting’s connected smart lighting system has reached 530 implementations across 33 countries, which can serve as a reference for other companies.
(Photo Credit: Philips Lighting)
Smart Lighting Benefits City Governance

Philips Lighting’s smarting lighting solutions are connected to the Internet and other applications, which provide improved lighting to streets, interior spaces, sports venues and public landscapes. For instance, by centrally monitoring and controlling an intelligent network, smart street lighting system allows local authorities to monitor cities in real time. This can help improve public safety and traffic conditions as well as reduce energy consumption. As a result, governments can provide better services to citizens with lower costs.
In addition, with its comprehensive network, smart lighting system can gather and analyze a great amount of data. With the data, the system can quickly identify and correct faults. Maintenance costs can thus be reduced. Also, this information can be used for urban planning and governance in the future. Moreover, smart lighting system monitors the status of each light in real time, and lights will only work when needed.
With Philips Lighting’s solution, some cities can reduce energy consumption by up to 75%, and this platform is essential to the sustainable development of cities.
CityTouch: Connected Street Lighting System
CityTouch is a connected street lighting management system that integrates software and connected devices. The result is an advanced platform that makes handling public lighting infrastructure relatively easy. With automatic detection and repair of faults, a user-friendly operating interface as well as remote control, CityTouch provides an intelligent, open and secured solution for local governments, citizens and street light maintenance personnel.
To be more specific, CityTouch has three advantages:
1. Smart: Automatically detect and report faults, and can adjust individual light or multiple lights accordingly.

2. Open: Built on an open API, CityTouch connects lights and other devices via mobile networks, and can integrate with any existing management system.
3. Secured: CityTouch is equipped with advanced security technology that is used in online banking and by brokers, along with end-to-end encryption and two-step verification, securing data transmission and storage.
Take Los Angles as an example. LA has a large population and a great amount of streets/roads; thus, it requires a connected lighting system that is easy to manage and control. CityTouch allows local authorities to remotely manage and monitor each web-based lighting device, reducing maintenance costs and repair time.

Philips Lighting also provides a POE-based lighting solution for interior use. The system connects lighting fixtures to the building's IT network. By integrating IoT technology with lighting fixtures, this system marks a new generation of smart lighting.

For public landscapes, the company’s ActiveSite is a connected lighting system for remotely monitoring, managing, and maintaining lighting installations.

For sports venues around the world, the ArenaExperience offers the right illumination levels for each type of sports venues as well as stage lighting effects, making smart lighting an essential part of our lives.
LEDinside predicts that cities around the world will continue to adopt smart lighting systems. This will benefit the entire lighting market and provide future business opportunities.  
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