Delta's EMEA Headquarters Achieves Annual Energy Savings up to 45%

Delta, a major provider of power and thermal management solutions, announced it has completed the renovation and upgrade of its headquarters (HQs) office for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region into a green building capable of achieving up to 45% expected annual energy savings, certified as a BREEAM sustainable facility with "Very Good" rating by the Dutch Green Building Council, and boasting a Dutch "A-class Building" energy label.

Delta's EMEA headquarters. (Image: Delta Electronics)

Transforming the 30-year-old existing office building into a sustainable working environment, the implementation of a wide range of technologies including the Building Management & Control System (BMCS), the Delta Energy Online building energy management system, and energy-saving solutions such as PV inverters, energy storage, EV chargers, and converters for peak shaving, all demonstrate Delta's unrivalled expertise in helping customers retrofit their existing buildings into highly sustainable, efficient and comfortable facilities. 

Annemarie Van Doorn (right), General Manager of the Dutch Green Building Council, presented the BREEAM green building certification to Mr. Jackie Chang (left). (Image: Delta Electronics) 

Mr. Jackie Chang, President & General Manager of Delta EMEA, said, "Delta is committed to empowering the low-carbon economy through the development of intelligent energy-saving technologies. Delta has been promoting the green building concept for more than a decade; by retrofitting EMEA HQs into a green building, Delta just contributed to the creation of its 24th green building around the globe. We echo the efforts of the Dutch government in making existing buildings greener, instead of just constructing new buildings. The granting of the BREEAM certification further validates our profile as a total solutions provider. This is a memorable way to celebrate Delta's 30 years of operations in EMEA with all our stakeholders."

"The BREEAM certificate is an independent proof of the sustainability and 'green' qualities of a building. The fact that the renovated Delta Electronics EMEA headquarters building in Hoofddorp has been awarded a 'very good' BREEAM rating, demonstrates that it is possible to transform existing buildings into a highly sustainable ones. Given the focus of the Haarlemmermeer area on sustainability and circular architecture, this building is an excellent example of what can be done in this area and should serve as an inspiration to other building owners in the Netherlands", said Annemarie van Doorn, General Manager of the Dutch Green Building Council.

The portfolio of multiple techniques integrated into this green building are:

  • Building Management and Control System (BMCS): This smart building automation platform is based on technologies developed by our subsidiary LOYTEC electronics. This advanced cloud-ready platform is compatible with all open communication protocols available now in building control, thus, enabling a highly effective, cost-efficient and eco-friendly management of the entire building. All sub-systems installed for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), lighting, room climate control, power generation and energy storage are linked and managed by Delta's BMCS. 


  • The Delta Energy Online platform: This enterprise-grade energy management system, furnishes comprehensive, real-time and historical visualized analysis of the entire building's energy use to provide our EMEA HQs facility managers with meaningful support for their strategic plans regarding energy efficiency.


  • Renewable Energy Solutions: The rooftop of the building is equipped with a 58.24kW solar system supported by Delta's PV inverters with efficiency up to 98.6%. The aforementioned green power can be optimally utilized by a 48kWh battery energy storage system (BESS) with Delta's 100kW power conversion system, providing bi-directional energy conversion between the PV system, the BESS and the grid, thus, enabling peak shaving functions that further sharpen electricity consumption efficiency.


  • LED Lighting Solutions: High-efficiency LED lighting products, smart sensors, actuators as well as LOYTEC's DALI system also integrate as an intelligent building automation platform that creates a smart lighting system. Visual comfort and energy savings are both accomplished by constant light control with user presence and lux level detection. Thus, dimming function takes into account ambient natural lighting.


  • EV Charging Solutions: The installation includes one 150kW DC Ultra-Fast EV Charger and 8 AC EVSE (EV Supply Equipment) units. The DC Ultra-Fast Charger is capable of charging of up to 4 electric cars simultaneously, with 2 DC fast charging up to 50 kW, superior to current market EV chargers. These EV Charging Solutions have fascinated the neighbors of our EMEA HQs. In fact, the Hyatt Place Hotel, adjacent to our HQs green building has just inaugurated the installation of 4 Delta's AC Mini Plus units available for their guests.
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