Osram Provides Solutions for Rinspeed’s microSNAP Vehicle and Launches New IR LED for Biometric Identification

Osram announced that it is providing several of its components for automotive lighting and biometric identification solutions for microSNAP, Rinspeed’s concept vehicle, which will be presented at CES 2019.

Rinspeed’s microSNAP is the latest version of the company’s autonomous concept car which has a chassis to contain the drivetrain and most of the IT while connecting to various body types.

(Image: Osram)

Outside the vehicle, microSNAP uses Osram’s Eviyos, a hybrid LED for smart headlights, which contains individually controlled pixels that automatically turn on and off, allowing more of the road to be illuminated without blinding oncoming drivers. Beyond headlights, Eviyos projects images and messages on the road to alert passengers and pedestrians, ultimately improving safety and enhancing the riding experience. The front and rear of the vehicle is made safer through a dynamic brake indicator with LED illuminated at different levels, allowing communication with those outside the vehicle. This intuitive lighting application helps communicate to pedestrians by letting them know when the vehicle is at a complete stop.

(Image: Osram)

Osram also provided its infrared components to be used inside the vehicle for 3D facial recognition and iris scanning systems. These technologies increase security as it ensures only approved individuals are able to occupy the vehicle. In addition, they allow the vehicle to adapt to an individual’s desired settings. Personalized conditions including lighting options and AC temperatures are set once an individual is recognized in the car through biometric identification. The sensing applications also include passenger monitoring and health monitoring. Through Osram’s infrared LEDs (IREDS), microSNAP can scan the interior for forgotten objects after a rider leaves and track the passengers’ vital signs for sudden changes.

(Image: Osram)

Osram has introduced two new infrared LEDs (IREDs) for biometric identification applications. Its new Synios SFH 4772S A01 is designed for iris scanning systems. The IRED illuminate the iris with infrared light in a suitable wavelength so that a camera can capture an image of the iris pattern. If the date matchs with the stored one, the mobile devices are unlocked without the need for a password. The second product, the Synios SFH 4775S A01, is made for facial recognition and driver monitoring.

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