AUO Leads Micro LED Ecosystem Dream Team toward Unlocking New Advances in Diverse Field Applications

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Cutting-Edge Technology Combined with Mass Production Capabilities to Create New Values across Verticals, from Smart Mobility to Retail and Healthcare

HSINCHU, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwan's display industry leads the world, continually integrating new and diverse applications into people's lives with advanced smart display technologies. AUO has dedicated years to developing the ultimate Micro LED display technology, forging alliances with ecosystem partners to enable mass production through cross-domain integration and expediting the process from research and development to commercialization. The company now partners with a Taiwan-based dream team as it develops further solutions for the diverse applications of Micro LED display technology in various fields. At Touch Taiwan 2024, with a focus on "Beyond Display.See the Possibilities", AUO will showcase the various possibilities of Micro LED display technology applied to everyday life. From large-size to high-transparency Micro LED displays, these innovations extend to applications in smart mobility and retail to healthcare. By incorporating green technologies, AUO continues to create new value in the display industry.

Micro LED represents the highest level of advanced display technology. Leveraging the expertise and capabilities cultivated over the years, AUO has developed groundbreaking technologies that boast high brightness and transparency, high picture quality, and free-form, leading the industry through the continuous accumulation of shipment achievements in diverse field applications of Micro LED.  Meanwhile, the company has integrated its supply chain to establish a comprehensive Micro LED ecosystem, partnering with Ennostar and PlayNitride to form a Micro LED dream team, securing key raw materials and manufacturing processes. AUO is set to realize the in-house production from COC (Chip on Carrier) to Micro LED modules, establishing a world-leading one-stop mass production line that significantly enhances production efficiency and yield. It will strive to enhance AUO's cost competitiveness in Micro LED products and accelerate the commercialization of Micro LED. As a global leader in display technology, AUO continues to expand the applications of Micro LED across various fields, increasing added value and leading market demand, and paving the way for a future where the displays of smart living are omnipresent.
At Touch Taiwan 2024, AUO's presentation will include highlights such as the debut of the 30-inch Real Depth 3D Display, the world's largest (*) multi-layer display with true three-dimensional effect, the world's largest (*) single screen size Micro LED display, and the multi-award-winning 60-inch Transparent Micro LED Display. These features offer a glimpse of the ultimate applications of AUO's Micro LED display technology across a variety of fields.

Revolutionizing Living and Entertainment Experiences with the "Biggest" Breakthrough in Micro LED Display
AUO has developed the 30-inch Real Depth 3D Display, the world's largest (*) multi-layer display with a true three-dimensional effect. This display combines the high transparency, high brightness and fast response times of the upper Micro LED layer with the low-reflection A.R.T. (Advanced Reflectionless Technology) LCD display technology on the lower layer to create an image plane with varying depth of field. Ideal for displaying both 2D and 3D images, it allows simultaneous viewing by multiple viewers, regardless of distance and angle. This eliminates the boundaries between the screen and viewers, providing an immersive experience without the risk of 3D vertigo, eyestrain, and other discomfort even after prolonged use. Suitable for electronic arcades, this display offers players with more enriching entertainment experience.
Furthermore, AUO has overcome the challenge that larger screen sizes result in lower yields by developing the world's largest (*) single screen size, the 31-inch Large Size Micro LED Display. On top of the high brightness and high contrast nature of Micro LED, this display features an advanced driving technology, A.R.T. technology, bezel-less design and hassle-free installation as it is customizable across various applications in a diverse range of fields, settings and locations.

Spanning Land, Sea and Air Domains with Micro LED Applications in Flight Instruments and Smart Cockpits
Beyond meeting the demand for large-sized commercial displays, AUO's Micro LED applications extends to every possible domain, branching out to various aspects of everyday life.
AUO has broadened its Micro LED applications to cover land, sea and air domains. The creation of the transparent Micro LED smart ferry in Asia New Bay Area (Yawan), Kaohsiung, allows tourists to enjoy the breathtaking harbor views while receiving updates on tour information, delivering a high-tech marine travel experience. In response to the ever-changing traffic conditions on land and at high altitudes, AUO introduces the A.R.T. Glass Micro LED Display with Touch Function, which features anti-glare, anti-reflection, and high-scattering properties. This technology can be applied to automotive and aviation instruments, enabling a safer operating experience and ensuring information readability and precision even with sunglasses on in high-altitude environments with extreme visibility and lighting conditions. For the smart cockpit, a transparent Micro LED front seat dashboard has been created through the Micro LED display HMI solutions to display information without blocking the driver's field of vision. The solutions also include a Micro LED screen for the passenger seat that can be activated on demand, incorporating entertainment and video calling functions. The built-in hidden camera is integrated within the display area without compromising the display quality, enabling users to make direct eye contact with the person on the video call, providing an outstanding two-way communication experience.
Maximizing the high transparency feature of Micro LED, AUO has developed a 60-inch Transparent Micro LED Display that can be flexibly applied across various settings, such as smart store windows for commercial displays, creating novel smart living experiences.

Implementing Sustainability Goals with Eco-friendly Concept Laptop Enhanced with Green Technology
Dedicated to pioneering applications in display technology, AUO also prioritizes resources recycling and product sustainability, collaborating with ecosystem partners to create differentiated brand values, providing consumers with a wider range of options to achieve environmental goals. Following the development of the world's first UL 3600 circularity certified display, AUO has partnered with Acer to introduce the company's first eco-friendly laptop, the Aspire Vero, manufactured using PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic), recycled glass substrates and recycled steel for the back panel of laptop displays. Pursuing product innovations and applications with sustainability in mind, AUO strives to implement its zero-waste commitment.
During the Touch Taiwan exhibition, the 2024 Display Innovation Taiwan Conference will be held; on April 25, Jennifer Lin, Vice President of Innovation Development at AUO, will attend the International Micro/Mini LED Display Conference and share her insights on how "Micro LED Displays Lead to Infinite Possibilities". Join Touch Taiwan 2024 and experience the future of limitless possibilities for innovative applications beyond display envisioned by AUO.
* Based on the available market research information as of April 16, 2024.

AUO was founded in 1996 and is an innovative, technology-oriented company that offers products and solutions with display-centric technology that push the boundaries for smart mobility, industrial intelligence, energy, retail, healthcare, as well as enterprise and education. The company is headquartered in Taiwan, and operates in Asia, the US, and Europe with a global team of 38,000 employees. Notably, AUO demonstrates continuous efforts in ESG development, leading excellence and achievements in sustainability, and has been represented in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for 13 years. AUO's consolidated net revenue in 2023 was USD 8.07 billion. 
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