EVERLIGHT Revolutionizes Mid-Power LED Market with Ultra-Efficient LEDs

(Author: Ivan Lin, Editor-in-Chief, LEDinsidehttp:// Translator: Judy Lin, Chief Editor, LEDinside)

Mid-power LEDs have become a mainstream product in the LED package sector, showing strong growth in the market over the past few years. The global lighting market scale is estimated to reach US $3.74 billion by 2020, and it is projected mid-power LEDs will comprise the majority stake in the market due to its high reliability and performance, estimated LEDinside. Taiwanese LED package manufacturers have released mid-power LED products including 3030 LED, 5630 LED, and other major LED package products, EVERLIGHT for instance has been shipping large volumes of these products.

In an exclusive interview with LEDinside, Ewing Liu, Technical Marketing Manager at EVERLIGHT, talked about the company’s outlook for mid-power LED market and latest market trend developments.

Highly efficient mid-power LEDs become new market requirement

Mid-power LEDs have become highly popular among global manufacturers. In this sector EVERLIGHT advanced its mid-power LED luminous efficacy from 150 lm/W to 220 lm/w to make an ultra-efficient LED. In European and American markets, highly efficiency LED are widely popular and is the preferred option among LED luminaires, realizing total luminaire efficienciesy of 150 lm/W or more, and completely meet the latest DesignLights Consortium (DLC) 4.0 high LED efficiency standards of 130 lm/W to 140 lm/W that will become effective as of 2017.
DLC revealed the draft of the new 4.0 standard in 2016, which made significant amendments to lighting efficiency standards. The new standard is projected to leave a positive impact on COB LED product developments, since it is easier for these LEDs to achieve high luminous efficiency,

The new standards have spurred the next generation LED lighting equipment replacement and procurement demands in the lighting market, the emergence of lighting solution installers, and replacing 80lm/W and below LED luminaires solutions are now gradually appearing in the market.

It is currently very difficult for some manufacturers to raise mid-power LED package efficacy. EVERLIGHT has overcome this issue with its unique technology, for instance in its high efficiency 5630KK7D and other products. Many LED package manufacturers purchase LED dies from chip manufacturers, and package these in-house into various power LED products, said Liu. EVERLIGHT has been collaborating with international manufacturers and has technological advantages that integrate highly efficient LED structure technology. These advancements all depend on the experience Everlight R&D teams experiencehave accumulated over the years in making highly efficient mid-power LEDs that outshine average market designs.

Professional lighting manufacturers prefer EVERLIGHT’s unique LED structures

Technically, EVERLIGHT is the first manufacturer to mass produce mid-power LED package products with an efficacy of 210 lm/W. EVERLIGHT’s mid-power LED package materials mainly comprise of high endurance lead frames and  high reflecctive materials. The finished luminaire product’s energy consumption can be reduced by 30% to 40% compared to previous generation products, and the binning performance is within 3-steps macadam's ellipse, which is especially attractive for professional lighting clients.


The average LED tube light efficiency in the American and European market is around 130 lm/W to 140 lm/W, said EVERLIGHT. LED luminaire specs in different countries lighting project tenders and bids have allowed the 2 meter long tube lights to more than halve the energy consumption compared to previous generations, which for luminaire buyers is beneficial in slashing energy consumption and reducing expenditure. It is projected once the U.S. market releases its new lighting efficiency standards in 2017, it will generate new lighting demands in the industry. EVERLIGHT noted highly efficient mid-power LED shipment volumes have reached double digit percentages of total shipment in 2016, and is projected to climb up even more in the future.

EVERLIGHT’s mid-power LED product application roadmap in the short and mid-term will be focused on professional lighting markets. The highly efficient mid-power LEDs can meet commercial lighting client demands, and are also applicable in professional luminaires, industrial lighting and other market applications. EVERLIGHT’s stringent standards for product management, delivery time, distribution channels, and technology support have all reaped effective results. EVERLIGHT has been cooperating with lighting clients in many projects, has solved clients’product design problems, and has become the first choice of professional lighting maker.

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