Let’s Celebrate Macroblock 20th Anniversary!

Congratulations Macroblock on 20th anniversary! Our 20th anniversary is an opportunity to honor to celebrate and look ahead to what's next. We celebrated our 20th anniversary with a grand event addressing the future of micro-LED technology development and highlighting its contribution as a key to the next five years. This event is held on 27th of June at Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taipei and offering full-day sessions.

In honor of celebrating Macroblock 20th anniversary, we hold this forum for ‘Next Five Years of LED Display Technology’ and it is a great pleasure having our partners as speakers to share professional experiences and views", said Mr. Robert Chen, the General Manager of Macroblock. He emphasized micro-LED is deemed as a promising technology. It features ultra-high brightness, low power consumption, etc., which are all beneficial to replace LCD screens and anticipates it will become the mainstream display technology soon. Besides, the expected market value of micro-LED will reach USD 2.891 billion in 2025, according to the estimation by LEDinside.

The forum begins with Mr. Chien-Chung Lin, the division director of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), sharing his topic of ’The Development of Micro-LED ‘ . He stated that there is a significant meaning of micro-LED in industry and can be a vital factor in various applications such as large-sized display, virtual reality, augmented reality, and many more. He looked back its development and predicted that micro-LED will lead the display trend in future.

When it comes to Public Information Display (PID) Technology: Cross-industry Collaboration by Printed circuit board (PCB) and Micro-LED’, the vice president of Unimicron Corporation Mr. Winfred Liu, has pointed out the high density interconnected PCB is the main technical obstacles of micro-LED development in the way. Meanwhile, he explicated PCB applications, cost analysis and the collaboration with Macroblock. ‘It is expected to accelerate the development of Micro LED in Public Information Display so as to promote high-quality LED display technology to the world efficiently.

Mr. Eric Su, our Special Assistant to General Manager at Macroblock, elaborated on ’Challenges and Chances on Technologies of Mini-LED and Micro-LED.' He indicated that micro-LED is still facing technical bottlenecks nowadays, without any breakthrough of key technologies and equipment. However, Macroblock is optimistic about mini-LED application, especially in driver IC and module manufacturing technology of backlight and fine-pitch LED display. With great efforts into developing driver ICs and modules, Macroblock is ready to offer the best solution for the next generation of LED display application.

Followed by Dr. Charles Yun-Li Li, CEO and co-founder of PlayNitride, Inc., shared ’Challenges and Progress of micro-LED Display Development.’ It focused on the current status of micro-LED, also its potentials in the market. Micro-LED has inherited the advantages of LCD and OLED. It has the characteristics of self-emitting without backlight, which saves more energy and is also smaller in size. ‘Micro-LED is the next generation of display technology absolutely’ he concluded.

The final session is demonstrated by Mr. Jeremy Hochman, the Chief Executive Officer of Megapixel VR. He stressed the importance of color balance to visual performances and indicated the white balance is an indicator of LED display. For the present LED display technology, there is an issue called color shift and sometimes it becomes noticeable. It causes visual interferences when viewing from a larger display at different viewing angles, which means a slight loss of visibility of few colors may happen from extreme positions. ‘This is inevitable for current LED display technology due to inadequate chip size and LED packages,’ said Jeremy, ‘It shall be highly valued by IC manufacturers and assembly houses.’ Mr. Jeremy Hochman suggested restraining color shift while looking at a larger display under different viewing angles by utilizing advantages and features of mini-LED and micro-LED adequately.

Micro-LED is an emerging technology and promising in the future. We appreciate the participation of all customers, partners, distributors, suppliers, etc. to celebrate the 20th anniversary for Macroblock today and a better world tomorrow. With a great event discussing prospects and development of micro-LED driver IC technology, we are excited to see the promising development of micro-LED and expand its various applications in fine-pitch display. We are building the future with micro-LED technologies and expect to become the pioneer of LED display technology.

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