TILS 2011: Lite Puter Enterprise Co. to Show its LED Dimmer Pack DX-309 and LDX-305

DX-309: 3CH LED Dimmer Pack

Connectable to PC through USB interface.
Master and slave design. One master controller can connect up to 256 slave controllers.

Power     AC 90-240V
Protocol    DMX-512
Capacity    DC 24V, 350mA per channel
Signal connector    6P4C RJ11/ 4PIN green terminal
Dimension    194(W) x43(H) x98(D)mm
Weight    700g

LDX-305: 3CH LED Dimmer Pack

        Built-in 32 modes1. 30 standalone modes, DMX mode, and intelligent mode2. 
        Can store scenes, adjust dimming level, adjust chaser speed, and recall 32 built-in modes by remote controller (optional IR-0501).
        Connectable to ECP control panel.
        Can store 7 scenes (SC1~6+OFF) and recall the scene by IR-0501 or ECP control panel.
        PWM: 4096 steps.

Power    DC 12-36V
Protocol    DMX-512/ RS-485 (EDX)
Capacity    3CH, 5A per channel, total: 15A
Signal Connector    3 PIN green terminal
Dimension    228(W)*60(H)*40(D)mm
Weight    300g

*1.  Build-in mode list
No      Vision    Description
1        BLACK    Static state black
2        STATIC RED    Static state red
3        STATIC GREEN    Static state green
4        STATIC BLUE    Static state blue
5        STATIC YELLOW    Static state yellow
6        STATIC PURPLE    Static state purple
7        STATIC CYAN    Static state cyan
8        STATIC WHITE    Static state white
9        COLOR CHANGE    Seven-color skip change
10        SIXCOLOR CHANGE CHANGE    Six-color skip change(exclude white)
11        RGB CHANGE    Three-color skip change
12        RG CHANGE    R+G skip change
13        RB CHANGE    R+B skip change
14        GB CHANGE    G+B skip change
15        WHITE CHANGE    White frequently twinkling
16        COLOR SMOOTH    Seven-color gradual change
17        RGB SMOOTH    Three-color gradual change
18        RG SMOOTH    R+G gradual change
19        RB SMOOTH    R+B gradual change
20        GB SMOOTH    G+B gradual change
21        COLOR GRADUAL    Seven-color gradual bright gradual dark
22        RGB GRANDUAL    Three-color gradual bright gradual dark
23        WHITE GRADUAL    White gradual bright gradual dark
24        RG GRADUAL    R+G gradual bright gradual dark
25        RB GRADUAL    R+B gradual bright gradual dark
26        GB GRADUAL    G+B gradual bright gradual dark
27        R GRADUAL    R gradual bright gradual dark
28        G GRADUAL    G gradual bright gradual dark
29        B GRADUAL    B gradual bright gradual dark
30        AUTO PROGRAM    Auto
31        DMX512 MODE    DMX
32        INTELLIGENT MODE    Intelligent

*2. Intelligent mode:
Console channel    Descriptions
Channel 1    Control channel 1 of LDX-305
Channel 2    Control channel 2 of LDX-305
Channel 3    Control channel 3 of LDX-305
Channel 4    Recall build-in mode 1~30. (level of DMX channel <3%, recall mode 1; level of DMX channel between 3%~6%, recall mode 2; level of DMX channel between 6%~9%, recall mode 3….; level of DMX channel >87, recall mode 30.)
Channel 5    Control chaser speed
Channel 6    Master control

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