TILS 2013:Series of LED lighting products Unveiled

( Adapter power )

N.W.: 85g
Size: 28* 28* 203 mm
2.0 Watt, 200 lm
LED : Hight power white LED * 6 pcs
Function: On/ Off/ Auto
Indoor operation
Light up of range: 3~5 M
Delay time: 15 seconds
Detection range: 3~5 M
Detection degree: 90° at 25℃

* Rotatable
* Automatic
* Low power.
* Rechargeable
* Energy saving
* Good sensitivity
* Smart, Ultra mini
* Daisy chain design
(By wire or connected directly)
* Portable light as a torch
* Wireless, easy to install
* Small volume and High light.
* Safe light for finding something in the dark
* LED auto-on as people moving at dark and auto-off
* Directions of sensor and light can be adjustable independently.
* Use for stairstep, storehouse, wardrobe, garage … and night light.

Auto-On Cabinet LED Light stick
(Rechargeable Type )

N.W.: 45g
Size: 28* 28* 64 mm
100 mA, 0.3 Watt, 30 lm
LED : Hight power white LED * 1 pc
Indoor operation
Function: On/ Off/ Auto
Detecting distance: 2 cm

* Rotatable
* Automatic
* Low power.
* Energy saving
* Smart, Ultra mini
* Portable light as a torch
* Wireless, easy to install
* Safe light / Smart light
* Auto on/off as door open and close.
* ITEM IB3S and B3S can be daisy chain design for longer and bigger closet or
multi cabinets use.
* Safe light for finding something in the dark, suitable for closet, cabinet… etc.
* Use for cabinet, cupboard, storehouse, wardrobe … and night light.

LED Torch+
( LED Torch + Light stick )

N.W.: 90g
Size: 28* 28* 203 mm
LED : Hight power white LED * 4 pcs
Top Light: 1.0 Watt, 110 lm
Light stick: 1.0 Watt, 110 lm
Indoor operation
500 mAH Li-battery

* Portable
* Separable
* Long lifetime
* Multi-function
* Rechargeable
* Energy saving
* Smart, Ultra mini
* Brightness dimmable
* Easy and simple On/Off
* Flash speed controllable
* Safety light and emergency lighting.
* Use for car, bicycle, houseware, jogging, fishing, camp, climb… and storehouse.

LED Color Change Neon Menu board

Size: 69*60*1cm (Very slim)
Two sides LEDs.
Voltage: 5 Vdc.
Power: 8W(Low power consumption)
N.W.: 2.4kgs (Very light)
Packing: Each in a brown box.
* 101 types color changing options.
* Special light contrast between LEDs and pens.
(Atuo-run, twinkle, fading, flash, fast, slow…steady.)
* Easy to write or draw on and easy to erase.
* Optional battery power packs are available.
* Long life、Ultra Bright LED lamps illuminate the clear acrylic erasable panel.
* LED control function can ODM.

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