Deco Lighting Releases LED Area Lighting Solution

Deco Lighting is proud to announce the launch of an all-new outdoor lighting solution that will undoubtedly dominate the competition, the Gladetino LED Area Luminaire. This sleekly designed low profile luminaire was created for exterior spaces such as parking lots and road ways and not only excels in terms of aesthetics but raises the bar for the industry in terms of performance and cost-savings.

Deco Lighting all-new outdoor LED are lighting solution.(Deco Lighting/LEDinside)

State-of-the-Art LED Area Lighting

The Gladetino is available in two different form factors with a range of lumen packages and an option for 95 CRI light output. The fixture's performance is accompanied by a wide array of optic types and mounting options for various applications. The Gladetino features next-generation digitalOPTIX from DECO Digital that deliver up to 36,000 lumens of crisp, pure illumination. The distribution is defined and controlled, providing brilliant light where it is needed and preventing light trespass into unwanted areas. This optical efficiency along with DECO's patented LED board design come together to create an innovative platform that delivers light at up to 150 lumens per watt, a state-of-the-art level of performance that is unmatched in the industry.

With state-of-the-art LED components and a sleek, low-profile design that enables efficient heat dissipation, the Gladetino luminaire performs at up to 30 lumens per watt better than other fixtures competing in its class. Top of the line Nichia LEDs offer the tightest binning in the industry and a depreciation rate of approximately 15% over the course of 120,000 hours. Deco is able to achieve such high performance levels because they under-drive their Nichia LEDs by more than 50%, creating a system that produces very little heat and significantly extends the life of the LEDs and U.S.-made drivers. Deco also backs their products with the best warranty in the industry. While the vast majority of lighting manufacturers offer only a 5-year warranty with no labor Deco provides a 10-year warranty and full coverage of associated labor costs.

But how can a company confidently offer a decade-long warranty? "LEDs hate heat. By cutting the currant in half we've doubled the lifetime of the light," says Michael Bailey, the Chief Engineer and Director of Product Development at Deco Lighting. "What is also exciting is that the Gladetino comes with the option of a smart-sensing photocell that on a bright day in full sunlight can auto-dim the lights to conserve energy and then build to full lumen output in the dark of night. Furthermore, it has the option of an occupancy sensor that turns on when a person walks by."

The Gladetino's photocell and motion sensor options allow the lights in a parking lot to turn on and off by themselves, bringing not only safety and security to the area it illuminates but unparalleled savings to the consumer. When compared to 1000W metal-halide fixtures the Gladetino's cost of ownership is remarkably low. With energy costs on the rise the Gladetino is a timely addition to Deco's family of luminaires.

In addition to the now industry-standard use of daylight monitoring and motion sensing to control dimming in both interior and exterior lighting fixtures, Deco is researching and developing multiple wireless control solutions that will bring the already innovative Gladetino to the next level with connectivity to the Internet of Things (IoT) realm of complete technology solutions. Working with several cutting-edge companies in the controls space, including Sensity and WattStopper, Deco is currently working on building wireless smart lighting controls directly into the Gladetino. Combined with its industry-leading performance, the Gladetino's wireless connectivity to the Internet of Things will radically change the idea of what a lighting fixture is, transforming an area light into an adaptable device that integrates into developing smart cities and benefiting businesses, property owners, and municipalities everywhere with unparalleled control and energy savings.

Deco's principals, CEO Sam Sinai and President Ben Pouladian, have been focused on producing exceptionally engineered spec-grade products and they are confident that the Gladetino signals the beginning of Deco Lighting's introduction as a cutting-edge, performance based manufacturer pushing the limits of high-quality LED lighting. Says Pouladian, "The Gladetino is a revolutionary product that combines world-class engineering with optical and thermal design and the best in LED technology. What I am particularly proud of is the fact that this product was designed and manufactured here in Los Angeles by a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to making the best products on the market here in America."

For more information about the Gladetino please visit the new Gladetino product page at, or contact your local Deco Lighting representative.

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