Smart Lights With Siri

For the start of the new lighting season, Ledvance is launching a Classic A60 LED lamp and a flexible LED light strip under the name Smart+ TM exclusively for Apple HomeKit. Consumers can control the Osram-branded lamp and bendable strip using Siri voice commands or the Apple Home app – and, for the first time, they do not need a separate gateway. 

Both of Ledvance’s new products, exclusive to Apple HomeKit, will hit shelves September 1. Consumers can connect the Classic A60 LED lamp and flexible LED light strip for indoors to the Apple Home app in just a few simple steps. They can then use either the app or – even easier – Siri to control the lights. Even better, no gateway or bridge is needed for the standard functions. With Apple TV or iPad (iOS 10 or later) acting as a home hub, owners can control their lights remotely or include them in automations.

It is evening. People are on their sofas, watching their favorite shows and looking to relax. But the lights are still on in the hall and in the kitchen, meaning that curling up and chilling out will have to wait. Thanks to two new products, exclusive to Apple HomeKit, Ledvance now saves iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users the bother of having to get up and walk to the light switch. Connecting the new Osram-branded Classic A60 LED lamp and the bendable LED strip under the name Smart+ TM to the preinstalled Home app is a breeze. Consumers can use the app or Siri to control lighting fixtures individually or in groups as part of scenes, or even automatically.

The HomeKit-enabled Classic A60 LED lamp with 16 million colors from Ledvance featuring an E27 base is a 60 watt replacement. (Image: Ledvance)

Consumers at home do not need a separate gateway or bridge for the most frequently needed functions: turning lights on and off, dimming lights and changing light colors. 

People can individually adapt lighting to fit the mood and occasion, transforming living rooms from a home office to a cozy home theater in a mere matter of seconds. Data is transmitted by Bluetooth.  

Even more functions for Apple TV and iPad owners

 Apple TV and iPad owners benefit from all the functions of both products. With the option of conveniently controlling lights from on the road, work or vacation destinations, questions like “Did I turn the light off in the kitchen?” are a thing of the past for them. It is also possible to create individual connections between different HomeKit-enabled devices (if-this-then-that, or IFTTT, circuits), allowing users for example to automatically switch on the lights as soon as the smart roller shutters close.

The HomeKit-enabled bendable LED strip with 16 million colors from Ledvance can be flexibly extended to 600 cm and placed in the home. (Image: Ledvance)

Convenience and saving electricity in one

The Classic A60 LED lamp with an E27 base is a state-of-the-art 60 watt replacement with an adjustable color temperature of 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin that helps save electricity while creating a pleasant atmosphere at home. As with the bendable LED strip, RGBW color control provides over 16 million light colors. The self-adhesive bendable strip can be joined together for up to 600 cm of illumination and can be placed anywhere in the home. 

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