[TILS 2018] Waldens Released Fanscool and Fanaway Ceiling Fans


Without gorgeous decoration, the rhythmic beauty of the ceiling fan is presented with simple lines.

It’s not only absolutely close to Taiwan's environment and climate but suitable for being home ceiling fans.

Anyone who used Fanscool will definitely love it and become top fan.

All ceiling fans of Fanscool series are specialized in 1 kWh, meaning that using 24 hours a month, even less than 1 kWh!

In this environment, choosing 1 kWh ceiling fan is a smart choice!


In 2004, innovator Joe Villella had a vision to create a ceiling fan that had blades concealed within the confines of a light pendant and only transformed into a ceiling fan when it was switched on.

Neil Waldbaum, Industrial Designer was commissioned to come up with a working prototype of Joe's vision. After a busy year the first working prototype was created. It consisted of a very unique synchronized retraction mechanism and a uniquely shaped aerodynamic blade design capable of stacking over each other in retracted mode and generating significant airflow when the blades were deployed.

Fanaway appeared on the ‘New Inventors’ TV show on ABCTV on October 5th 2005, and won the People’s Choice in that episode. Soon after, negotiations were entered into with Beacon Lighting to develop the product to the manufacture and production stage, and further market and distribute Fanaway to the global market place.

The Fanaway range is available exclusively at Beacon Lighting stores in Australia and available internationally through Beacon International.

Fanaway is an International Trademark and is now a multi-national brand name for a range of technologically advanced retracting blade ceiling fans.

What is Human centric lighting?

Besides lighting function, lighting needs to be more in line with users’ needs and extend from each aspect of life, mind and practicality. Human centric lighting is the lighting concept that “Walden's” wants to promote to the public. How to create a link between goods and life, and to build a smart light environment, are the focus of our development of this series of lamps.

Lighting is just like a trigger point, which implements and imports into life. We can show sunrise and sunset in the room via LED, and create a light environment suitable for the human body. After many seminars and development tests for commonly used lighting fixtures, we decided to cut in from downlights, T-bar lighting Fixtures and light bulb goods.

Next, Walden's teamed up with Taiwan's LED giant "Everlight" to launch the “Human centric Lighting” series to change your existing thinking about lighting.

"Light" is one of the three elements that constitute life.
With more and more powerful technologies, light sources are everywhere, resulted in people's needs for adjusting color temperature and photometric intensity for different occasions even more so.

However, in order to achieve full-room lighting control, in addition to importing expensive dimming equipment and control systems, circuits must be reserved before construction planning. It is not easy at work.

Thanks to the science and technology, with the new Mesh (Wireless Mesh Network) technology, we can use Bluetooth with mobile phone's APP to control the light and dark and yellow-white temperature, and setting the situation to produce different light feelings, It can more easily transform the surrounding feeling in the public and private areas of the home.

At the same time, it has different group settings including lighting, living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. It can provide multi-person remote control and set its own mode. In the past, it was necessary to use a terminal device and a dimming module for dimming. We not only don't need it now, but eliminate the troubles of loop wiring.

Walden's makes the lights more human, in line with human daily patterns.

In addition to adjusting the brightness of the light source, you can also adjust the color temperature from 3000K (warm light) to 6500K (white light), instantly change the surrounding feeling of the indoor space.

You can even set groups to set the light and illumination for different space requirements. Walden's currently has 9 stores in Taiwan and also has experience area. Welcome to actual experience and operation, improve lighting in a fixed form and experience a new life in wisdom.


Given that LED Lights are inconvenient to repair, we have eco-friendly substituted lighting fixtures fashion must-have. Additionally buildings were built with a low overhead, so we make sleek light fixtures more suitable for creating houseroom. Nowadays incandescent light bulb has limited the modelling and utilization of lighting fixtures. In the preliminary design stage, we've discovered UFO shaped LED lights. The irradiation angle can be even more.

“快可換” is the “exclusive patent” of the Walden’s. Walden’s has designed nearly 100 models of cool and stylish products, and escaped the shape of bulb lamps in the past. Make more changes to the light fixture design.

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