At 2024 Shanghai International Auto Lamp Exhibition, LITEON Showcases Comprehensive Display of Key Optoelectronic Semiconductor Module Applications and Construction of a Human-Vehicle Interactive, and Envisioning the Future Appearance of Automobiles

LITEON Technology ( grandly participates in the 2024 Shanghai International Auto Lamp Exhibition (2024 ALE) from June 26 to 28, 2024. With the theme “ILLUMINATION CONNECTS THE FUTURE,” the focus is on core module solutions for intelligent vehicle lights. For this time, a comprehensive display of four core technologies and applications is presented: smart headlight illumination/light sources, next-generation light guide taillights, dynamic cabin ambient lighting, and intelligent sensing. This exhibition fully showcases LITEON’s active layout in the optoelectronic semiconductor ecosystem, exceptional manufacturing craftsmanship, high-precision component placement technology, independent research and development achievements, and global leadership position. It aims to provide customers with superior modular optical quality, enabling advanced vehicle lighting functions to be precisely implemented, significantly enhancing driving safety, and creating a trend towards intelligent lighting and vehicle connectivity.

" As one of the world’s leading optoelectronic semiconductor suppliers, LITEON boasts a diverse and cross-disciplinary product portfolio, as well as professional optoelectronic engineering and special process technologies, providing the most comprehensive solutions to help customers realize their vision. At the same time, with low-carbon sustainable design as the core of research and development, it continues to develop high-performance, low-pollution light sources and optoelectronic semiconductor technologies. Through this exhibition, LITEON hopes to deepen cooperation with the intelligent mobility ecosystem, jointly promote the infinite potential of optoelectronic semiconductor technology in the automotive market and create a new future for the automotive industry." said Anson Chiu, the president of LITEON Technology.

The LITEON Intelligent Headlight series features world-class high-precision LED packaging technology, enhancing drivers’ nighttime safety vision.

For intelligent headlight illumination, LITEON is showcasing a variety of proprietary research and development solutions and advanced technologies on-site, addressing the needs for improved human-vehicle interface functionality and driving safety. The LITEON “Multibeam Intelligent Headlight Solution” utilizes high-precision LED packaging and silicon wall technology to integrate 102 microcrystals into a single LED, achieving technical advantages such as compact size, high brightness, and high color uniformity, meeting the demands of next-generation headlight design and applications. Additionally, LITEON has introduced “Adaptive High Beam Headlight Technology” and its independently developed “Pixelated Matrix LED Module” in vehicle high beam headlights, providing high-contrast intelligent light sources and safe driving vision. Furthermore, LITEON has launched the “Advanced Micro LED Headlight Module” and “High-Power LED Intelligent Light Source,” equipped with million-pixel digital microscope technology, creating dynamic personalized designs and applications. These can project clear images, text, and various safety messages on the ground, helping to enhance nighttime driving and road safety, offering drivers a more intelligent driving experience.

Next-Generation Guided Light Taillights, equipped with mini-LED technology, showcase high power, intelligence, and personalized vehicle communication capabilities.

LITEON is showcasing its independently developed new generation of ‘Intelligent Mini LED Taillights’ for vehicles at this exhibition. These products feature high density, high brightness, high contrast, high resolution, and slim design. They are applied to personalized grille lights and car taillights, transforming the traditional role of taillights from mere brake warning functions to advanced vehicle-to-human communication technology, enhancing driving safety and showcasing LITEON’s comprehensive interactive automotive lighting capabilities. 

Mini LED for Full-Width Tail Light

At the same time, LITEON also exhibits a series of ‘High Light Efficiency Guided Taillights’ products with highly flexible design. Through special structural and material design, they achieve good COA, offering application solutions with various power and brightness specifications, including daytime running lights, turn signals, and taillights. They significantly improve signal communication technology between vehicles and pedestrians and assist autonomous driving functions, providing a diverse and flexible range of taillight solutions and product applications.

Matrix Module for ADB Headl

Mini LED for Tail Light

Dynamic Intelligent Cabin Ambient Lighting creates an excellent cabin atmosphere with dynamic full-color mixing technology and miniaturized packaging modules. 

LITEON has been deeply cultivating the optoelectronic semiconductor field for a long time. With the trend of more comfortable riding space and entertainment needs in today’s new energy vehicles, LITEON has launched a series of ambient light products at this exhibition that combine ‘Smart Dynamic Full-Color Mixing Technology’ and ‘Miniaturized Packaging Modules’. LITEON is committed to product application flexibility, enhancing anti-interference, low latency, and providing solutions with RGB correction and temperature compensation functions, presenting a car cabin atmosphere with application flexibility and color sensing.

Smart Infrared Sensing Technology utilizes vault-level facial recognition and 3D identification technology with cabin monitoring systems. 

LITEON showcases a series of applications in the field of automotive intelligent sensing, including ‘Infrared Optical Sensing’ and ‘Intelligent Cockpit Monitoring System’ that comply with the International Automotive Electronics Association certification. At the same time, LITEON also exhibits vault-level 3D face recognition technology, effectively enhancing the security level. Through infrared emission and reception technology, it makes charging piles smarter and safer, satisfying diverse application requirements.

TrendForce 2024 Global Automotive LED Market- Lighting and Display Product Trend
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2. EXCEL- 30 June 2024 and 31 December 2024
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